How to heal inner child?


I think the idea is to get in touch with the parts of ourselves which have got hurt or traumatised and some parts parts which I am not aware of. A inner child healing is needed for that.

Things that I follow to make up to it is that. I found this practice very effective.

1)I try to find those feelings which has caused my trauma or something negative and try to focus on it. I always intend to start with something that is not very intense. Another important thing is to focus on only one specific thing at a time.

2)I always try to become 100% sure of it. I start with thinking of when did the situation first occur to have this kind of feelings and how old this situation was and where I was living at that time and what kind of things I was feeling at that moment.

3)Sometimes I try to imagine that part of me which got hurt and speaking to me and feeling everything wholeheartedly.

4)The idea I think of is to get fully in touch with the memories and try to understand the situation and be compassionate to that part of myself. What’s done is done and it can’t be undone.

5)I believe if someone tries this method of mine then sooner or later their relationship that "inner child" will start to get better day by day. The inner child will calm itself gradually it just might take some time to do that.

6)I suggest to keep repeating this process until you are finally healed and accept yourself with no resistance left.

After this session I hope that you can do whatever you want without any fears or insecurities or any kind of traumas that you had in the past. It’s very important to let go of things when it has already passed. Because we don’t have the chance to fix the past but create a new past create a new beginning of ourselves.

Sometimes we fear to accept the truth what has already happened and that’s not how it is supposed to stay. It’s okay for few months but not forever. If I keep thinking about something which I had no control of then why I should regret it and keep it in my heart forever? When one person understand the facts then I think so that they will heal their inner child very soon.

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