Dreeming Into Fruition II

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I kind of felt weird at first about how the dreems I’d talked about in the previous challenge. Maybe it was because it seemed a bit shallow compared to the vast dreams a lot of people had. But I immediately corrected myself on that thought. Because the fact that people’s dreems are wider doesn’t make the one I have any less genuine, neither does it mean that I don’t want to actualize my dreems with the same intensity as others.

So, I cautioned myself to always believe in the validity of my dreems as that’s the first step to it being fulfilled. Believing in my dreems and from there, working towards it being realized. My dreems as I stated are simple. A space of my own. An actual space to make my deepest thoughts come true. My Dreem Space is to be my haven. A place where I’ll feel the most safe.

Since I’d already elaborated on it previously, I wouldn’t want to delve deep into it anymore but instead, I’d just say that I’m particular about this Dreem space, because, to me, it’s an investment to bigger dreems. An investment into their actualization because then I’d be in my ideal place to build bigger worlds that I want to inhabit. With my mind and my hands. But I know that it will always remain a dreem if I don’t use the specific tools to unlock the door to this dreem.

The first one would be to stop procrastinating. This is a necessary tool and I’ll explain why. Recently, I lost an opportunity that would have started the process of opening the door to my dreem. It was extra devastating missing out on this opportunity since it was self-inflicted. I heard about the opportunity pretty early, and in all modesty even though it was not in my hands, I still think that I had a pretty good chance of securing it.

But because I kept thinking that I had it all covered, and would beat the deadline since I had a two-month interval but time kept drawing nearer till it was completely out of my hands and saw that opportunity slip through my fingers. I tried not to beat myself up about it but at the same time, I kept remembering that excerpt from a book I love that says, “.....this minute is passing. And you’ll never have it again.”

My minute passed, and though I know there’d be other chances, bigger opportunities, this one would always be gone. So I’m going to actively try to ensure that I don’t procrastinate any longer and ensure I’m accountable for my minutes. So that I’d never miss one this valuable again.

The next one would be to actively search for opportunities. To seize the bull by the horns and go all out to search for opportunities that are in line with my skills. I believe that a lot of us have things we may not even rate in ourselves that people are looking for. And I’m no exception. I think I have a lot to offer. I may not have all the experience but I work hard to make sure that I’m knowledgeable in my fields.

But no one would see that if I kept hiding my lamp under a bushel(forgive my Biblical allusion). But yeah, if I have talents and resort to keeping them to myself, that’s all there would ever be. Just talents. And I like to believe that we were given talents so that we’d use them to solve our needs and to create more for us. If I’m going to get that Dreem space of mine, it’s going to need money. And money doesn’t fall from the sky. Money comes from hard work and exposition and then favour. So I’d expose the things I can do so that I’d give room for that favour to locate me and this will be done by searching for these opportunities.

And the last thing I need to work towards my Dreem space is to be more specific about my priorities. Be more specific about the things I need right now. Be more specific about my circle of friends and the people I need in my life at this moment. Not people who would stomp on my dreams with their words but people who even though may not have the resources to assist me in building my Dreem space, they are at least supportive and cheer me along the way.

Being more specific about God and His importance in making my dreems come true is also paramount. Because at the end of the day, direction on what to do and the steps to take would come from him and if we’re not on good terms, I mean, what exactly would I do, you know? It takes courage but it would always pay in the end.

So these priorities would shape my dreems into fruition and I can bet everything on it that if I work closely with the things I’ve laid down, my dreems wouldn’t be so far from my reach. I would always believe in them cause I’m working actively towards achieving them. And I hope you are too. With whatever it is you’re dreeming about.


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This is beautiful, sweetie. I felt a lot of emotions as I read through. I am sorry you lost that opportunity but it'll be fine. And, I have to truly commend you for not letting others dreem make yours look like it isn't worth telling because my dearest... It is!

I'm so happy to read this Balikis and yeah, I've moved past it and working towards the future instead. So wonderful to have you here with words this beautiful. Sorry for the late reply and happy Sunday to you.💜

The future will be brighter ✨️. Hehe, it is very sweet to know my words matter to you. I hope more will fill your sweet, beautiful heart.

Lol, it's okay !luv I know you are busy with school and all... so I don't mind whenever it comes. Thanks for the response and... Happy superbly made Sunday to you, dreemer.

Sorry about the missed opportunity - there will be another one waiting for you at the right time and place. All the best wishes while you work on your dream coming to fruition.

Thank you, Momo. I'll always strive moving forward to make the most of opportunities. It's wonderful having you here.🤗

Soery about that lost opportunity dear. Ibalso want you to know that no dreem is too small. As long as it can be conceived, all it needs is time and nurturing and it will manifest. Your dreem matters to you irrespective of it's magnitude..so be bold to lay claim to it... cheers darl

I'm holding claim to it and believing that I'd achieve it sooner or later. All the best to you in your endeavours as well sweetie. Happy Sunday.🥰

Happy Sunday to you too dearie.

Have a great weekend

Procrastinating is a dreem killer and it eats really deep once given a little chance. I'm hoping you will be able to take the bull by the horn hence forth and never give procrastination a chance to decide what should happen as regards your dreems.

Setting your priorities right is a good one and it can be hard sometimes too but I'm wishing you all the best 🥰 my #dreemerforlife

Yeah, it's hard sometimes to apply the things we want. But if we're consciously desperate enough, we'll surely achieve it. Hope you're doing well, Hope.🥰

Yeah, that's were determination comes in.

It's my pleasure stopping by dear 🥰

What a great tool you just listed out my dear, procrastination is the thief of time ahaha, you should indeed work on that to make your dream a dreem my dear, I believe the opportunity you need will come knocking at your doorstep very soon, when it comes make sure you utilize by all means possible my dear, i wish you success in achieving your dreem space my dear, bye 👋…

Lol. I'll definitely apply it going forward. Bye🥰

Yeah, I hope to go so. Thank you.🌺