Being Grateful Despite the Difficulties

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November 26, 2023

Another hectic week has come and gone. Not just one hectic week, but two. Having a regular job may have it's perks such as "regular pay", but it also comes with a price.


Yup! With regular work, I have to stay in school for at least 8 hours a day.

For those who don't know yet, I used to work part-time in this private school. This year however, I enrolled one of my sons in the first grade of this school. Since I have some difficulties in getting new jobs in my freelancing gigs, and writing on paying sites doesn't give me much, I decided to apply for a full-time job.

I was also after for the discount they offer to their full-time employees.

I already know though that working full-time means more work is required. Although I have only 10 hours of classes per week, I am also the person-in-charge of the computer laboratories and the network infrastructure of the school.It's not a big school so the network infrastructure is quite simple to manage.

In the Last Two Weeks

The last two weeks was one of the busiest so far. It was the time for us to compute for the students' grades. That's on top of our regular tasks of preparing and holding our classes. Let's just say we have to double our efforts to catch the deadline. We even had to stay late in school to do so.


Despite all the difficulties we encountered though, I still find a lot of things to be grateful for.

  1. We finished our tasks on time. Well, a very few made it a bit too close. Then again, considering that more than half of our teachers are new, and it's the first year that we resumed to the face-to-face classes, I say it was bit smooth... with a few wrinkles left on the side. :D
  2. All went well despite the heavy rains. Rain fell heavily for at least two days last week. There were some areas in the province that were flooded but it was not as bad as the previous years where a lot of properties were damaged by the flood.
  3. New learnings from the recent experience. Not all went well, but I learned something from that. I now know how to approach the second quarter.
  4. New recorder. I guess I got an early Christmas gift. We a have new teacher who was a music teacher from a college in Manila. I told him once that I wanted to practice playing the flute again. The following week he gave me a Yamaha Soprano Recorder. I checked the price and it's worth more than PHP 500.00! Wow!
Now I have to spend time re-learning and practicing it.
  1. My sons achievements. My sons are in the first and fourth grade. Although I only have the first grader enrolled in our school this year. Both of them though made good in their classes and both of them finished the first quarter with honors!

Now that is something to be truly grateful for!

In Closing

Good things and bad things may happen to us anyday. I'm grateful that I have started to look for the little good things that happen to me everyday no matter what happened. With that, I started to be grateful even if things did not go as I planned it... at least I learn something from the not-so-good-things.

Thanks for reading.

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That's right, there are always reasons to be grateful. I am glad about the achievements of your children, that must fill the soul.

Yeah. Both me and my wife are proud of them. They did it on their own.

Yay! 🤗
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