Living as we should.

I have always lived by the saying that if you can't help someone, don't worsen their situation. My aunt always said this not to me but these words ring in my ears like a bell whenever she mentioned it during a discussion.

These words live rent-free in my head and it's okay by me because I realised that it made me put people into consideration before I do anything. Whenever my action will hurt someone, I usually don't have a reason to carry on with it because it would eventually make me sad to know that I hurt a fellow human.

I have been without a phone for a few days because of an incident that inspired me to write this post. I was at home going about my day when a woman (my neighbour) sent her daughter to me.

"My mom said you should lend her your phone," she said to me and I gave her immediately because it wasn't the first time. She always borrowed my phone to call her husband and it wasn't a problem for me plus I am always happy to help but it became a problem that day.

The girl went away with the phone only for the woman to come back with the screen broken. The phone has had issues before and I have been struggling with it because I didn't have enough money to get another one yet.

Upon seeing the phone, I felt down. Mistakes happen and after telling me that it fell from her hands, there was nothing I could do.

Although it pissed me off but I couldn't do anything about it. I went out of the house thinking of how to sort the phone when someone told me that she saw my phone with the baby that belonged to the woman who borrowed my phone. She gave the boy because he was crying to have the phone and he smashed it while playing.

I went to confront her and she couldn't deny it. She knew I was managing the phone so I didn't expect her to toy with it.

I felt bad and really pissed off when I was told how much would fix the phone, I had to change out of the HBD I was saving for my new phone.

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What am I driving out? Putting people into consideration is a very good thing to do because we don't know how much our actions would affect them.

We are all humans, we make mistakes but some mistakes can be avoidable if we consider people. I am not a perfect human but I try as much as possible not to cause problems for people when I can't help them. It's pointless leaving people in a helpless situation because you don't know if they will be able to find their balance again.

Everyone has one or two they are struggling with in life, forget about the fine faces or the rich look, a lot of people are just wearing fine faces and a little unexpected problem we bring to their lives can affect their lives badly so it's better to do to others what we want other people to do us.

A lot of people do say that humanity is lost but I don't believe it, the world is just like this because we all aren't playing our parts as expected. If we all live right by considering what the effects of our actions would be on others, the world would be a better place.

Although everything that happened made me sad and it doesn't stop me from helping another time but the fear of being treated unfairly might make me hesitate. I am human as well but one person mistake wouldn't prevent me from saying no to those who really needs help.

I have fixed my phone and back on Hive. I missed engaging and will just let whatever happened to pass like I usually do.


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