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When I try to plan, that is usually when the plan begins to fall apart. I know it is counter-intuitive to what a plan stands for, but it is true for me that things sometimes go awry when I do state for myself what I would like to achieve. It sucks, and then I just don't even want to plan, and then I just freestyle things.

It is why I used to think that having routines and schedules and following them up were just not my thing and that they were all a facade. They never really work out as planned. And then what happens when they do fall apart is that I beat myself up over my failure and then develop apathy towards trying again.

What I have learned about human behaviour and the truth about goals and achieving them is that we sometimes superimpose settings that are a tad bit frictional on ourselves. An understanding of how we think and behave, human psychology, and how to apply such knowledge to our everyday lives and decisions can help one dream better.

Yes, dreams. Those innocent dreams that have had to be born without permission and murdered without consent sometimes. They are the projections of a life that we imagine for ourselves and sometimes fantasise about.

The dreamworld is a place powered by our imaginations, and imagination—the potential to conceptualize things that may not have been manifested in the waking world—is an innate ability that varies according to willpower and some other factors. What happens in the dreamworld can only transcend into the waking world, reality, by dreeming.

dreem (verb) : the art of transforming mere dreams into genuine accomplishments

Last week, I imagined my dreemspace to be an oasis for work, creativity, and music. Spurred by Dreemsteem and her Dreemport challenge, I took deliberate action to picture and design a place that would be ideal for me, and I did. Isn't that what we all do anyway?

Everybody can imagine and dream. Dreeming them out is where a clear-cut difference lies between living dreams and dead ones. The million-dollar question now becomes, "How, then, can I truly achieve this dreamspace, and what tools do I need to do so?"


When builders want to commence constructing a new building, they will need a blueprint. This blueprint would be designed by an architect, and the necessary consideration of parameters has to be done for that. To build this space, I would need to design a blueprint and define the parameters.

When there's an actionable step to take, then there is a guided path to follow the plan through. While designing the step, however, I have to put into consideration that raising the bar too high would only discourage myself; that's usually how my plans fall apart right from the start.

I have already designed what I want my dreemspace to look like. It wasn't detailed and specific in the sense of being precise. Developing an achievable plan, such as picking specific months to concentrate on certain areas, is what this blueprint will be about.


It would be rather irrational of me not to factor in the idea of finance as a considerable factor in realising this dreemspace. Everything I need isn't just going to fall like manna from heaven. Inadequate effort into developing a financial plan and working towards it may just prove the entire dreemspace futile in the long run.

Coincidentally, I have been taking the concept of savings very seriously. My plans for my savings are discreet for now, but the culture and habit of "putting something away" is something I have been imbibing for a while now.

Part of the blueprint would be to develop a financial plan. With that set in place, I would know just how to tailor my savings to realise this dreemspace. One of my savings journeys, and something that I could replicate, particularly for realising this dreemspace, is this one that I have been running for over 80 days now.


It wouldn't be easy trying to do something like this, achieving my dreemspace. It'll take more than just what meets the eye, because life doesn't always turn out as we expect.

The ability to bounce back from setbacks and persevere in the midst of challenges that I may face is a tool that I need to hone and keep with me through the journey of realising my dreemspace.

There would be times when realising this ideal environment for me would seem like it's all too much of a stretch and that I should just settle for less. Building the resilience to see through the end is very imperative to me.

In essence, what I am trying to say is that achieving my dreemspace involves not just envisioning it but actually strategically planning and executing the necessary steps. Developing the blueprint, building some savings, and keeping resilient are my death-defying tools to achieve this idea space for Jay.

Looking at this entry and the last, I think it's all coming together now. I mean, I can't exactly predict what's to come next, but I can sure say that I am actually walking closer to realising this by thinking it through now. The excitement's growing.

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Indeed, it's all coming together and for sure, you would realize it cos that is the plan

I do hope to realise it. It's adding up now.

Yes it will be realized.

What great tools! You definitely need a blueprint which I'd also call a plan of a sort and of course money is a big part of any plan.

As for that resilience you mentioned, you will not try it that after drawing the plan and capital is available you will be lacking it, your mind go dey 🙄.

#dreemport lead me to you 🤧

I wouldn't want that to happen. 😁

That's why it's important to gave plans. Opportunities met with preparedness broth success and achievements.

Fingers crossed, Hope.

Yeah, just keep getting prepared because the opportunity will surely come 😊.

All the best Jay

Money is primary in achieving most of our dreams but it's one of the hardest things to come by. Well, saving little by little would definitely land you there, so keep it up sir.

#dreemerforlife #dreemport

It should land me there, hopefully. I may not be able to get the funds immediately or all at once when I am ready to commence, so savings might just work instead.

You have made some great points and you have chosen excellently well. We all need money as a crucial tool for every dreem.

Thank you, julti. Hopefully, funds come through and we can truly bring our dreams to life.

You are most welcome.

Yay! 🤗
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