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RE: Insults And Honorifics

There is a fine line between persistence and futility. I don't know where it is, but I know I've crossed it several times and stubbornly refused to give up on lost causes. Unfortunately, mine is the generation of participation trophies and instant gratification, I was spared the brunt of it simply by dint of being homeschooled. You're... what is it, eleven years older than me? Did things really change that much in that comparatively short timespan, or did you simply manage to escape the cookie cutter as well?


Morning Kaja (Or should I say afternoon?)!

I am so sorry to be so slow replying, my kid took two bad hits to the head in his away basktetball game Thursday night (which no one bothered to tell me about) and the following morning after I had a meeting I found my child with all the symptoms of pretty respectable concussion which I had verified at urgent care shortly after. That on top of a sick husband and a fresh dumping of about eight inches of snow has made things interesting round here!

And I hear you about the fine line of futility and persistence, it is so hard to know when to pivot for sure. Thanks to having some very anti-authoritarian parents, one who was an absolute heathen of a wilderness logger, and being homeschooled through middle school (plus living in the wilderness of Alaska), I feel like I was spared the whole participation trophy instant gratification mindset.

Are you only 30 my friend? For some reason you seem so much older, but that's the whole homeschooled mature thing I bet. Other than looking far younger than my years, people always thought I was older than I was, the whole old soul thing lol!

Well, I gotta run, need to go make some nourishing comestibles for the brain injury patient!

Hope you are having a splendid day!


I am indeed only 30, at least in this lifetime. I've been told that I'm not merely an old soul, I'm the equivalent of Methuselah. I'm certainly an older soul than my sister (37), at least according to... never mind.

Good luck with taking care of everyone. Hopefully that bump on the noggin doesn't leave any lasting effect.

I love that! Methuselah-kaja!

It's been a bit of a rodeo around here with all the massive amounts of snowfall, the great brain pain incident (he's mending well), and so on and so forth. I hope things are going well for you back yonder? Oh! I know what I was going to ask you! What is your all time favorite chicken breed? (You are probably like me and have more than one, but I know you are into domestic fowl and such and I would love to know such things!)


All-time favourite chicken breed, hmm...

Let's see, Ameraucanas for eggs (and entertainment value), blue Cochins for brooding (Smokey has set thrice this past year), and Delawares for meat, though that last one is just my personal preference. Most other breeds I've tried have been either too tough or too fatty, and chicken fat makes me sick - literally. I have an old black Australorp rooster that I will cook in a pot full of wine for Christmas, we'll see how that turns out.

BTW, I don't know if I told you, I have 13 guineas now. I'll share a bunch of pictures soon, and maybe even a video. I'm still waiting on my neighbour to send me some video she took of them.

Ooh, I have a had all of those breeds and totally agree! The Delawares are so hardy too, I love that! My last laying hens were all Ameraucanas and I just adore their personalities, and Cochins are lovely as well. Dangit! I am going to order a batch of laying pullets here soon because it's time to bring in new layers, and honestly I was just going to get a heavy layer assortment of pullets just for fun, but definitely wanted to pick your brain a bit as I know you enjoy flock-keeping.

And I absolutely adore German War Helmets too (what my mom calls guineas lol). Can't wait to see the pics of them, we used to have eight here on the farm, I love those noisy little beasties and their eggs are pretty tasty too!