Family Vacation Part 1: California Science Center

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Spring is now here, and that means Spring Break for my boys elementary school! It has been awhile since we got out of town to explore a new area. So with the week off from school we decided to head 5 hours south to Los Angeles, and visit the Natural History Museum so the boys could see some Dinosaur bones.

We decided to stay in the city of Arcadia, 28 miles from the museum. Of course me being from Salinas, I did not take in account for the infamous L.A traffic. But it was only a hour drive. Which wasn't so bad, since the Hotel was very nice, and the price was even better!

They boys where especially excited, since there was an indoor pool. Which was perfect since it is still cold in California. Granted it was warmer then where I live, but still cold enough to not set foot in an outdoor pool.

So the plan was to stay for 2 nights, and explore the L.A area for 2 days. Each night we got some good pool time, and my 5 month old son Ezra even got to get in.

On the day after we got to our Hotel, we headed to our first stop, which was the Natural History Museum. When we arrived we where very surprised to see more then just the NHM. Right next store is the California Science Center!

So we decided to head there first, since it was on the way.

This structure is the entrance of the Science Center

After 3 min of arriving, we where already having a great time!

Best part is it is free admission!

The main exhibits at the Science Center is focused around NASA. I did not know this until now, the Space Shuttle Endeavor is actually housed here.

I have to admit, around this time I completely forgot about the Dinosaur bones. We were having fun taking in these cool sites of Satellites, and Spacecraft.

Even these 2 forgot all about them!

Now here is how they bring in $$, LOL! Just kidding. But seeing this, you know we were about to have some fun. But Unfortnaly come to find out, my 5 YO son was to short for most of these.

So just me and Isaiah went on the VR space simulator. It was pretty cool. It was set on the International Space Station, and we had to perform a Space Walk, and everything that could go wrong up there did. My son thought it was the coolest, but for me not so much. Only because I could not wear my glasses, and I got dizzy. After I got off, my wife got some tickets for another simulator, that we all could go on. We just had to wait another 30 min.

So we walked around, and found some other cool exhibits to kill some time

We finally got on the Simulator, which was buggy ride on the Moon. Of course the kids liked it, but it was so hot in this thing, and after being a little sea sick from not wearing my glasses on the VR ride I was not feeling it at all! I was so glad for it to be over, and was ready to head on over to see Dinosaur bones. Overall this place is amazing, and I wish we had more time in the area. The Science Center deserves a whole day to explore.

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

To be continued.....


That place looks like so much fun. I’m glad you guys are having a great time.

Thanks bro! And yeah we really made the most of it for how much time we had:)

I’m glad you are having a good time.

Appreciate it bro!

So fun! Love it!!

your kids looking so cute, look like you have great fun together. Amazing place

Thank you so much! It really is an amazing place, however I would never want to live in the area since it is just way to crowed for my taste.

Very awesome bro! This is something your boys will never forget! Making memories is what it's all about!

Yeah it really is. We thought about the Super Mario World, but that place is so crowded, expensive, and your not even guaranteed to get in unless you pay an extra 300$ a person for the VIP experience.

Looks like a great place for the kids!

It was perfect for them!

Looks like a good time, it's nice to get out of town for a break - our hotel always has to have a pool for the little one :D

Yeah sane here. It's probably the biggest highlight of the trip for my oldest.