Show Us Your California Contest Winners!

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The Contest

Every Thursday, we are asking you to Show Us Your California. We love to see your contributions so much, that we are awarding prizes! 6 Hive are up for grabs every week!!

You can show us what Your California looks like in many ways - from photos to poetry, videos to artwork or whatever represents California to you!

We accept entries all week, but remember that for entries to be eligible to win you must use both the #mycalifornia and #socalhive tags (they do not need to be the first tags) as well as drop your link in the comments of the Contest Post which is posted every Thursday!

This Week's Entries

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Your California.png



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The Winner

@outwars - 1st Prize 4 Hive

@brian.rrr - 2nd Prize 2 Hive

Congratulations to @brian.rrr and @outwars!


And this week both of the winners will also receive some of these awesome SoCal Hive stickers!!

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Thank you so much for being part of the SoCal Hive Community!

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Your Support

If you like this contest to grow - please, tell all your SoCal friends about it. Also, any donations and sponsorships for this contest are welcome.

Special shout out to @hivetrending for his recent delegation.
Thank You!! You're support is very much appreciated!


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Wow, thank you for choosing my post!

Great stuff… thank you!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

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@thesocalhive, You have received 1.0000 LOH for posting in Ladies of Hive. We believe that you should be rewarded for the time and effort spent in creating articles. The goal is to encourage token holders to accumulate and hodl LOH tokens over a long period of time.