50,000 ($0.50) to @mehmetfix to stake in SNIPS for joining snipverse.com 50,000 more when he responds with a post!

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Thanks for joining @snipverse ! https://snipverse.com/mehmetcan

50,000 SNIPS senta nd the other 50,000 SNIPS sent when i see you make the posts on snipverse hive community and on snipverse.com/hiveblog !


As promised ime sending 100,000 SNIPS for him to stake for being my hive follower who signed up so youc an have $1 in SNIPS staked or 100,000 STAKED SNIPS to get your LITE membership start earning post rewards and claiming staking rewards


50,000 or $0.50 for @mehmetfix ! Once he mnakes a post here on https://hive.blog/created/hive-109562 @snipverse community on hive and a confirmation of my 50K SNIPS on https://snipverse.com/hiveblog

@protonxpr @xpr confirmation tx



snipverse.com/hiveblog portal to get 100,000 SNIPS signup bonus for signing up from hive!


Thank you very much for this gift.
How can I find detailed information about Snipverse? And about the price?

Join the snipcoin telegram at https://t.me/snipcoinsxpr
Download webauth and snipverse app from google store.