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SOS Bring SportCity back to life

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SOS Bring SportCity back to life

Hi guys, I’m planning to make a new attempt to bring more life in Sport City , but I can’t do it alone. I’d like to share my plans with you here, so that everyone interested in doing sports (rather than watching sports or supporting a soccer or baseball club) could consider where he or she could help me to make this a living and interesting community about sports and everyhting that has to do with it: nutrition, training, sports psychology, etc.

It looks like the community I’ve been starting now more than a year ago is (nearly?) dead… This is very unfortunate. I see two reasons for this: The most important one is that I don’t have enough time to write a lot of articles myself and secondly the base here on Hive isn’t big enough to keep most of communities thriving. I hope that’ll change quickly and meanwhile I hope among the people here reading this are some which like sports and get motivated to write something about it as well. Reblogs are more than welcome as of course are suggestions of which communities to reach out to.

Since I’m travelling alone for a couple of days, I’ll try to write a few blogs myself which I’ll be finishing and posting in the next weeks in order to try to get some continuity. I’ll pin this post on top of the Sport City Community, will write a new article about Sport City in Earth2 and about the further development of where I’ll place some back links, a blog about the Masters World Championship Cross Country in Torun, Poland #Polska which I’m attending is going to follow as well as a blog about the Liga of the Tramuntana and Liga Laser Run which my children and me are going to participate in. Any further ideas are more than welcome. I hope to have something about the great Project @strava2hive of in #exhaust and the addition of our friends from #cycling and will ask them to support me here a bit as well since they had great ideas already to reach an important audience. @macfit or @browery might have some ideas as well how to support this community and maybe wants to bring it under the attention of his audience?

Don’t forget that Sportcity has got a where all ideas are welcome as well. I’d like to use the discord being a discussion platform and a bridge between Earth2 and Hive.