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Hello Club Managers, we are publishing this post to officially announce that starting this current season, the end-of-season rewards need to be claimed manually, yes, we have already implemented it and it's already live.

We are optimistic that this change will have a positive impact on the reward pool, this way we can also ensure to reward those who are active and engaged in Rabona. We are promoting and trying to increase the DAU and this is the first step into that development, we will be implementing more changes moving forward to ensure that we reward those people who are active and supporting the game through ups and downs.

With that said, we will answer possible questions that you might have below, if you have questions and you don't see them here please feel free to ask in the comment section or contact us on discord.

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What's the time frame to claim the rewards, after the season ends?

  • Based on the poll that we did on Discord the community prefers 3 days so we will go with it.

What happens to unclaimed rewards?

  • Unclaimed rewards will stay in the reward pool and will be added to future season rewards.

Is there a way to claim in Version 1?

  • Unfortunately, there is no way to claim it on V1, since we are working on transitioning everything to V2, it won't make sense to also add it on V1.

I missed the 3 Day time frame, can I still get my rewards?

  • No, you will need to claim it within 3 days, we are not going to send or reimburse unclaimed rewards. Unless of course, it is caused by technical issues on our end.

Why change the reward system?

  • Most of you already know, that currently, Rabona is only sustaining itself without any investment or funding from the outside, so we are trying to sustain the current reward pool while we are looking for ways to find a better way to get investors and funds we can use for the game rewards and game development.

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So far, that are all the questions that we can think of currently that you might have, if you have questions please feel free to ask and let us know, every idea and suggestions are welcome!

Also just a little update, our curator and publisher of the weekly digest is currently attending some real life issues, so it is halted at the moment, but we will surely be back, and we are thinking of releasing it biweekly or monthly to have more time and improve the published posts.

For the mean time, please bear with us, as we find ways to improve and develop the game and reach its maximum potential.

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I like this very much. If players are not looking at their teams and not beeing able to login within 3 days to take the rewards, it should be given to the more active ones.

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Good news. A good for to reward only the active players. Keep with the good work!

Good job!


nice update ;).

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 2 years ago  

This is related for now only to end of season reward right? Not yet to the 'daily quest' tasks?

 2 years ago  

Yes that is correct, daily quests and tasks are still in progress, first, we need to sustain the rewards to move on with future implementations.