Rabona: Snapshot and Airdrop Official Announcement

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Hello Club Managers and Curation Program subscribers, we are here to bring you good news. As we all know, we have been giving some hints and talked about a Snapshot that would happen on the 1st of May, and we mentioned that it may include a possible airdrop.

However, we want everyone to have enough time to join the Curation Trail and make sure that they are eligible, so we are moving the snapshot to the 14
th of May to ensure everyone has enough time to join the Curation Trail. We will give you the details of the snapshot and the airdrop on this post, we made the announcement short and direct so you won't miss any information.

📸 Snapshot

  • The Snapshot will happen on the 14th of May.

  • The Snapshot will capture those who are following the Rabona Curation Trail.

  • Only those who have followed and activated the trail through the Rabona website a week or further before the snapshot is eligible for the airdrop. Make sure that you have granted Posting authority to Rabona curation program, to make sure you are eligible for airdrop.

  • It will also capture how much RBN and Hive Power the account has, they are the main factors to determine how much rewards one will get.

💸 Airdrop

  • The Airdrop will have a fixed pool of 1 Billion RBN to be distributed to everyone eligible.

  • The reward will be distributed on the 21st of May, and you will have 3 days to claim the reward. (May 21, to May 24, 2022)

  • The amount you receive depends on the following factors;

    1. Number of eligible users.

    2. The amount of Hive Power you are giving out on the curation trail and the RBN token you are holding in your account.
      a. The vote weight % you selected in the Curation Program settings, i.e If you have 1,000 HP and selected 10% on the Curation Program settings, you will get the same percentage as someone who has 100 HP and selected 100%.
      b. The more RBN token you are holding in your account the more rewards you can get.

BONUS: Everyone that is eligible for the airdrop will get the Member Role in Rabona Official Hive Community.

📢 How to join the Official Trail

If you are interested to join the trail and you missed the announcement you can do it by following these instructions;
Only applicable to those who have a Rabona account.

  1. Go to Curation Page.

  2. Grant Rabona Posting Authority so it is able to upvote on your behalf.

  3. Configure Vote Weight and Minimum Voting Power to your liking.

  4. Click "Enable Curation" to activate the program.

Now Rabona will vote on your behalf on curated posts, given your account voting power exceeds the minimum voting power that you have set. You can always update your settings at any time, or disable the curation completely.

Important: If you revoke Posting Authority, Rabona will not be able to vote on your behalf—thus rendering the Curation Program inactive, even if you keep it enabled.

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What is Rabona?

Rabona is a massive multiplayer online soccer management play-to-earn game built on the Hive blockchain.
You can form a Soccer club and you will be able to operate it from scratch to greatness, be the head coach, and general manager, manage your Clubs finances, lead your club to the top of your league and become the Champion!

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I have joined the curation trail! This should be interesting.

Great initiative! !1UP

I only have RBN inside the game, does that count?

 last month  

Yes, there is no other place you can hold RBN but inside the game.

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Very exciting! I am now following your curation trail.

Also the V2 improved a lot, made me play again hehe!

Keep building!

Amazing news and a brilliant future ahead. Thanks for your hard work!

Will RBN listed on Game's Exchange count?