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What is Rabona?

First, we will start with a very important question that some of you might be asking, or have no idea about Rabona at all, or knew Rabona literally as a technique of kicking the soccer ball or a football.

As the name suggests, it is somehow related to Soccer/Football. Rabona is a massive play-to-earn multiplayer soccer management game in Hive blockchain, in Rabona you can form a Football/Soccer club and you will be able to operate it from scratch to greatness, be the head coach, general manager, manage your Clubs financial, lead your club to the top of your league and become the Champion!

There are four leagues you can play in Rabona, League 3, League 2, League 1, and the League of Champions where the strongest and biggest Club compete, take this league as the FIFA World Cup of Rabona.

A single set of a league consists of 16 Clubs, where you play 4 matches daily and a total of 30 matches in a season, which has 15 Home Games and 15 Away Games. At the end of each season, the winners of each set of leagues will advance to the next higher league level, and the bottom four will be relegated to a lower league although when you are in the Level 3/League 3 you cannot be moved further down, since it is already the lowest league.

League of Champions being the top league will have significant higher RBN income. The position in the leagues decides the payout on HIVE rewards at the end of each season. Yes, there is HIVE rewards at the end of each season, there is also rewards in League 1 and League 2, and a single season lasts for 7.5 days.

I think it is the most brief and easiest way to explain what Rabona is and how does the game works, and I am hoping it has picked your interest if you are not playing the game yet.

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🎉 Announcing Rabona Curation Program

We are proud to announce that we are kicking off with our own Curation Program, where people will be able to join through easy steps inside the game, we will discuss this further down this post on how to join.

The team want to be more active and more engaged in both its Rabona playerbase and beyond, focusing mainly on Soccer and Football community in Hive, hence we thought out of an initiative to begin a curation trail and make our own curation trail bot to get more players involved in Rabona and Soccer or Football both inside the game and in Hive blogging platforms.

🌟 About the Curation Program

The Program aims to help reward good quality content about Rabona and Soccer or Football, and it will be beneficial for all parties involved; i.e. Rabona, content creators and the curation followers.

  • The curation rewards that Rabona accumulates will be added to the funds to reward players each season, after the percentage allocated to the curators for operating the curation account and stake certain percentages to slowly grow the account over time.

  • (The team is also open to stake Layer 2 tokens to gain and give out more rewards, although it is still to be discussed, most probably ONEUP, SPORTS, and THGaming tokens.)

  • Content creators will earn from their posts, and it could be a decent amount depending on how many users or people joins the trail. Although the Rabona account alone would already give you a decent upvote amount.

  • Participating in the trail will also let you earn HIVE passively while having the convenience of not having to curate or search for good posts or quality contents manually in Hive which could be bothersome sometimes and you can let our Rabona Curator do the job for you.

ℹ️ Curation Guidelines

To ensure that we are giving the most value out of your upvotes, our curator will follow a guideline on what posts they can curate;

image.png You can click the Write A post while visiting the community.

- OR -

image.png You can also change it while you are still in the process of writing your blog by clicking the dropdown above if you are using PeakD.

  • When community posts about Rabona and/or Soccer/Football are scarce the curator may visit other communities to find posts that is related to Soccer/Football or RABONA itself.

  • Curators will focus on curating/upvoting posts with at least 600 words, but would preferably give more to posts that have 1000+ words and at least 4 minutes minimum of high-quality videos.

  • Curators will also look for the following; attractive and high effort thumbnail, proper sourcing of materials and resources, proper Headers and Subheaders, probably strong Intro and Outro, well thought out and unique content (100% against plagiarism), proper use of tribe tags and good Markdown.

  • The Curators are expected to make a weekly report about the posts they curated during the entire week.

  • Curators are allowed to do Challenges as long as they see it beneficial to the community.

👉 How To Join The Trail

This is a step by step instruction on how to join the Rabona Curation Program;

In order to activate the curation:

  1. Go to Curation Page.

  2. Grant Rabona Posting Authority so it is able to upvote on your behalf.

  3. Configure Vote Weight and Minimum Voting Power to your liking.

  4. Click "Enable Curation" to activate the program.

Now Rabona will vote on your behalf on curated posts, given your account voting power exceeds the minimum voting power that you have set. You can always update your settings at any time, or disable the curation completely.

Important: If you revoke Posting Authority, Rabona will not be able to vote on your behalf—thus rendering the Curation Program inactive, even if you keep it enabled.

📖 Recently Curated Posts

One of the great features in Curation Page is you can see the Recent Curated Posts in there, it is also to give transparency to people who join the program that they can ensure curators are upvoting quality posts about Rabona or Soccer/Football only, and not upvoting spams or shitposts, as they are called.

You will also have the ability to upvote posts in there, e.g. Your Minimum Voting Power is not enough we will not vote the post for you until you have enough Voting Power which you can set manually in Step 3, instead, you can upvote the posts yourself in the Curation Page by clicking the heart button at the bottom of the posts, and it will be using your Hive Keychain as confirmation.

You can see how it looks in the photo below, cool right?


Oh well, this brings curation trail to a whole new level and we are lucky to have a great developer behind this innovation, let's all thanks @mciszczon for these great features and for bringing Rabona to greater heights, and the least we could do is show our support to this incredible guy and support Rabona directly by joining the Curation Program.

P.S.: You can also support the program indirectly by following the trail of @rabona account in

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Welcome @ivarbjorn — our new curator!

There is no curation program without curators, right?
We are very proud to announce that our Rabona Team will grow, as we welcome our new curator @ivarbjorn. He will actively search through Hive posts to find the ones that are worth curating. Please help us give him a warm welcome! 👋

@ivarjorn has a strong experience as a curator, as he is also is one of @oneup-cartel curators and spends most of his time browsing Hive for the quality content. Now he will put his skills into curating the best Rabona- and football-related posts. He also has authored most of the contents of this announcement.

If you have any questions, join our DISCORD, use the comments below or add suggestions to the Rabona Feedback Board.

Thanks to all supporters of Rabona, and we are hoping for your continued support for the years to come!

Yours Truly,

Rabona Team

 2 years ago  

Brighter days are coming for Rabona! Best of Luck to Rabona team! I am so happy to be part of the team and will do everything to bring this curation program into a success!


This is just what I need, joined the curation trail!

 2 years ago  

Thanks for joining the program and for supporting Rabona!

This is a huge development. Let's see how the community evolve with time.

 2 years ago  

Thank you for your support! We are looking forward to a great year!

 2 years ago  

Great news! !PIZZA !LUV !hivebits

!gif siu

 2 years ago  

Thanks for your support!

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 2 years ago  

Thanks for your support!

 2 years ago  

Thanks for your support!

This is a great add-on for the rabona community. Not only it allows players to increase their earnings while writing about the game, it will also give much more publicity to the game in general. Great move!

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post! Comment Footer.jpg

 2 years ago (edited) 

Thanks for your support! You are on point, we would like to reward those who have been supporting us since early days until now, brighter days are still ahead for Rabona.

I hope that this is the push that Rabona needs to take off once and for all.

 2 years ago  

Brighter days are still ahead of us! This is only one of the many changes and development in Rabona!


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