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Vlog Name: Random Blog

Title of The Video: My Journey to the Hive

Hi, Dear friends. I hope you are well and enjoying your time

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It is my pleasure to express my journey experience of hive to this community. I think it's important to share the knowledge and experiences so that the newcomers and others can be motivated for know something about the journey of others. I think the journey of each and every person is will be different from others. So, in that way if you share journey of each other we can easily learn which situation has to be faced by which person.
My initial journey was started with steem but later on it was converted into hive. So finally, the journey for me was really interesting. In this video I have explained in short about my journey from starting to still now If I consider from the very beginning it's about 2 years of journey but in terms of hive it's only about a year. The initiation was not good for me and I started my journey from a youtube video to which I have explained elaborately in my video blog here. Switch to know more watch the video and I think you will have a good idea about my experiences and the path the way I have completed my journey so far. What I believe that is we need to go far away from here because Hive is the blockchain which is decentralized. And it's the leading one which will obviously go to the moon. So, let's be patience and try to be with Hive to be succeed

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I hope you have got a good idea on this topic. Feel free to ask about this topic in the comment box and give me your valuable suggestion about which area I can improve.

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Thank you.

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It was great to see the video because I found out about your hive journey and discussed everything about your hive journey in detail. Looked really good. Thanks.

its my journey and initially it was struggling period for me. Thanks for your understanding

Great video, will be following for me. Do you have any videos on the work you do online that does pay out?

 9 days ago 

Hive changed many people's lives, many people's life depends on Hive especially during this pandemic situation not only Hive helped many people financially but also mentally as well. Thanks for sharing your journey with us... You have come in a long way, still a long way to go...

Good luck...

Ya. Hive helped in both financially and skill development.