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I've been building an online survival RPG!

I've been blogging about what it looks like to create a game using the BYOND game engine. I've got really big dreams for this game and I write a little more about it each time I add in new features or content. Creating this collection gives me a single link I can use to allow someone to read the entire series from start to finish, and give those readers a page they can bookmark to come back to read new entries.

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The first part of the series gives a little background about myself and introduces the basic game concept. I also go on to show how I use procedural generation to create new environments at runtime while keeping the geography of the world intact.

Once I had a world for the player to walk around in, I needed to create a way for them to interact with the environment and collect their first items.

What good is collecting items if you can't do anything with them? In the third part of the series, I explain how I handle item crafting, and talk a little about creating interfaces.

That's all so far, but there's plenty more to come!

I'm having a ton of fun developing again and it honestly reminds me of sitting awake all night long as a teenager building these sort of things for the first time. I'll add new entries to this page every time they're posted, so follow along and watch this game grow into something we can all play together!


One-time tips/donations are always GREATLY appreciated, too! 😉
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Nice job! Looking forward to your progress :)


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I have spent a couple years learning Unity, have seen Godot and a couple others, but never heard of Byond before. Interesting! Good luck! Looks like you're having a lot of fun with it.

It's been around forever, it's just never been close to mainstream, kinda like Hive 😅

Hah! Well said point. 😀 If I get the time I'll take a look at it; if not, I'll enjoy seeing your progress instead!

oops, lets try that again



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