Lightning Node Basics

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Great collection of posts for setting up a lightning node. Although I have a question related to this setup - the node serves only you to give/get tips or can serve others as well? What if I have multiple Hive accounts, can I configure the node to serve them all?

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My single @V4Vapp node can send value to ANY Hive account. Any streaming sats sent to a 3speak video podcast will go to the correct Hive account.

If you just want to receive lightning in Hive, is the way to do that. Put in any Hive account, generate the QR code and send sats.

Creating and learning Lightning networking protocol is awesome and useful. Thanks for sharing the information to everyone

This is really nice @brianoflondon in updating us on stuffs like this which I appreciate a lot. keep up the good work

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This is awesome. A whole collection of links for lightning payment, setting up nodes. Wallet of Satoshi and Blue wallet is great for send small amounts !