Massive Upgrade to is here: KeepSats on V4V!

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Do I Do It or do I write about it?

I can't delve into all the details now, as I need to create a video, but here are the highlights:

I've published a significant update to You might need to close all open browser windows and close the app if you've installed it on your phone (I haven't mastered the prompt for updating to a new version yet)... But if you do that, you should notice something new right on the front page.

Sats Balance and stuff

First up all the magic happens when you log in with Hive Keychain or HAS and Hive Keychain. The login is in the top right corner and a slide out tray. HAS works on mobile, it shows you a QR, you can tap it on your device and Hive Keychain app should open and let you confirm you have your posting key.

KeepSats Balance.

Sats Balance on the card

On the right side of the card you can see 60,817 シ (which is the little symbol I use for Sats). I call that your "KeepSats" balance. That's new! That's sats I'm keeping for you on V4V. This means you have to trust me and my service but there's a reason for doing this.

Below that you can see your Hive and HBD balances. If you click on the little pig you'll see savings as well.


How did those Sats get there you ask? Well that would be the Deposit tab.


You can put Lightning Sats direct into your V4V KeepSats balance. That QR code and the lightning address:

[email protected]

will receive sats and they will be kept on @v4vapp. The old address of [email protected] and [email protected] will still auto-convert to Hive and HBD.

Next to that are HBD and Hive buttons, if you select those the app will help you send Hive or HBD to convert to Sats.


Just a quick word about FEES. I only charge when converting from Hive/HBD to Sats or the other way. The fee is still a 1.5% but I've dropped the flat fee per transaction from 150 to 50 sats.


Converting your Sats to Hive/HBD

This is where you can take those sats and put them back in Hive/HBD. Again this will incur the fee.



Here you can see two tables. On the left are your transactions converting Hive/HBD direct to Lightning or the other way around.

The right is KeepSats transactions.

I have a lot more work to do on this but it's functional so I'm putting it out there!

Pay with Sats

Pay Invoice with Sats

The last piece of the new puzzle is that if you have Sats in your KeepSats balance, you can use those to pay any Lightning invoice. You'll see a button "Pay 7,986 from 60,817" and that will use your KeepSats to pay Lightning.

So if you receive sats and keep them as sats you can use them without fees (just tiny amounts charged for sending notifications). I am still using Hive for the notification because I want everything recorded on chain.

Too Much?

Wow, information overload! I'll try to do a video, I know this is quite a lot of new functionality to drop at once.

But just so you understand, the is a target integration for later as is being able to stream sats to your favorite video and podcast content creators via the @threespeak app. It's all made possible by KeepSats!

Easter Egg

Click the credit card.

Value for Value

For the last few months while building @v4vapp I was generously supported by the DHF. Going forward I have a much more modest support which covers direct server costs and a little of my time.

If you appreciate the work I do on and around Hive, you can express this directly: upvoting posts on Hive is great. Also consider a direct donation (there's a Tip button on Hive or a Lightning Address) on all my posts.


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Send Lightning to Me!



Wow it's been a full year since you had me do this.
March 18th, 2023

I forgot this even existed it worth more than double now.

You can thank me with as many sats as you like, if you send those to [email protected] direct from Alby, you'll keep them with me instead of Alby. No fees (maybe a sat or two for the notification you'll get).

A detailed post about @v4vapp, this is what I'm looking. Thanks 👍.

Nice update and I love the history tab!

Great stuff Brian!

A suggestion to help tie together how cool this all is: if there was a page or little writeup that explained some of the things that people use lightning to pay for, it might cause some aha! moments for people.

I assume there are many, many more IRL things out there that accept Lightning as payment vs Hive assets—so showing how v4v gives access to those things could help sell the whole project (and even convince people to continue to stay invested in Hive itself). Of course, I could be wrong about the things that accept Lightning as payment, but something tells me that network has a touch more reach than ours :)


Ah, perfect! Just a small blurb about how you can access tons of gift cards, game vouchers, and groceries (using HIVE using v4v) could be great to surface just how powerful this is.

Exactly what I do 🍻

Is there a deposit limit? If yes, can I circumvent this by opening a private channel to with my node?
After the transfer, the private LND channel can be closed by the so that you can dispose of the deposited sats (BTC).

The limit is set at 250,000 per transaction right now. If you think you're going to make frequent transfers in and out, you are welcome to open a channel to my node.

Hello @brianoflondon
I once commissioned a small channel.
If you don't like it, please feel free to remove it.
I love your work and am very happy to support you.

Hey @condeas, here is a little bit of BEER from @indextrader24 for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you for this work.
I just upvoted your witness and I hope you keep moving upwards.
I also saw your article on PodPing, great application. I need to study it more to get a better understanding of how it works.

Impressive work, thank you!!!!

@tipu curate
Thanks for the great update!

Don't curate Zionists. It's a bad look.

Genius moves again Brian! This is already a good teaser but a video would surely give more appetite!

Hope all is well over there and stay safe!

Really nice update, i might use this to sell my btc satshi later in the bullrun to get some HBD

Thanks a lot for this Brian, Hive can use every off-on ramps that can exist, I still can't understand how people don't know about us XD

Yup, just waiting to be discovered.

I don't know either, but I'm making videos of myself using this amazing tool. I hope it catches on.

It's just like the changes that happen over time within the project and within apps like this are very special for people to benefit from and you've put in a lot of hard work. has created this project.

This is actully shaping up really nice! Well done

Good upgrade and nice design on the credit card. Will try it soon.


Hello, cordial greetings. very impressed by your handling of that application, and everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies, with Hive, HBD. Your publication is of high value for everyone who needs it, that's why I give it a like, a comment and also share it with my followers.

Your post is very interesting.
I wish you a happy start to the week

absolutely fantastic!

@tipu curate

as always very nice work


Thanks for the update
Keep it up!

This is really quite interesting to be seeing update and work been done. Keep doing the great work you are doing

Thanks for the update.
Wonderful post

This is really a great update to hear about


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Nice. Imma send some sats to Hezbollah. Thanks bro 👍

Magnificent work @brianoflondon , your work is worthy and useful to HIVE and its ecosystem. It only remains for me to know if KeepSat is compatible with Hold-Invoice, so it can be used with lnp2pbot for exchanges without KYC. Greetings.

Looking at lnp2pbot, I'm pretty sure will have no trouble paying whatever invoice they give you.

Wow, amazing update. Keep it up

New strings to be translated?! I didn't find the link to translate it here. If possible send me again

Hi @brianoflondon I just tried to “Send” HBD from to my Phoenix Lightning wallet I signed in with keychain and it prompted that I was trying to use the “Memo Key” and it would not complete the Lightning transaction.

Hmmm that's an issue. I switched to encrypted memos but maybe that was a mistake.

I'll reverse that and maybe give an option.

Sounds good!👍
Just to let you know, I added my memo to my keychain and the V4V Lightning transaction went through perfectly!
Your work on Hive is so very much needed and appreciated!👍

This is great na be legend, thank you so much for all the work!

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congratulations to you, continue with this beautiful work on the network! 🙃

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you dedication for v4v is appreciable :)