The last EDC I went to was at Santa's Village in either RIM or Big Bear or whatever mountain town Santa's Village was in.

Man, I'm doing the math and I'm pretty sure it was 1996—27 got dang years ago. More than half my life ago. Got dang!

All we leave behind is the memories!

I totally forgot about that.

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I am waiting for the full blown story he he he

I love EDM when I am cleaning the house hahah

Love the last picture 😆


Hey Jiji! The story is 160 pages long so for with images that @dynamicrypto might help me turn into a novel via the AI.

Hopefully, it is an inspirational hero's story by story end. Currently the story is quite sad.

Music brings us all together in a world designed to divide us. One day perhaps we will unite on the dance floor!

Thank you for stopping by!


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It has been a long time since we last discussed on Hive.
I was just too much involved in other stuff.
The NFT project you launch is growing well I hope.
Events you attended look very exciting.
Greetings to all your friends
Have you kept playing the Splinterlands game?

My previous @v4vapp proposal has expired. I have a new one which is running but unfunded right now. I'm still running @v4vapp and all my other services.

I've just updated and I'm getting ready for some exciting new features after the next hard fork.

Please consider asking your friends to vote for prop #265 or consider unvoting the return vote.

For understandable reasons in the current crypto climate it is harder to get funded by the DHF, I accept this so I'm asking a wider audience for help again. I'll also add that I power up Hive every day and usually power up larger amounts on 1st of the Month. I'm on Hive for ideological reasons much more than for only economic benefit.

Additionally you can also help with a vote for Brianoflondon's Witness using KeyChain or HiveSigner

If you have used I'd really like to hear your feedback, and if you haven't I'd be happy to hear why or whether there are other things you want it to do.