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Hello everyone.

On Thursdays and Fridays I will be doing msp-curation for the minnowsupport project and weekly I will publish this report of selected posts from my curation days.

Although my main niche is movies and TV series, I will also review posts about technology, books and any other interesting topic. I will value the effort and quality, following my criteria and those of the curation project. By creating posts in the niches we like, we bring value to Hive.

These are the featured posts in my curation shift.

JC Rodriguez

Hola a todos.

Jueves y viernes estaré haciendo msp-curación para el proyecto minnowsupport y semanalmente publicaré este informe de los posts seleccionados de mis días de curación.

Aunque mi nicho principal son las películas y series de TV, también revisaré posts sobre tecnología, libros y cualquier otro tema interesante. Valorare el esfuerzo y calidad, siguiendo mis criterios y los del proyecto de curacion. Creando publicaciones en los nichos que nos gustan, aportamos valor a Hive.

Estos son los posts destacados en mi turno de curación.

JC Rodriguez

A Bronx Tale (1993)|| Movie Review

Author: @meyateingi

Can anything good come out of a gangster? This is that movie that shows you that even the biggest killer, is also human, and has a very big heart.

Series review : Perfect Marriage Revenge

Author: @devyswan1

Lately I've been liking a Korean drama entitled Perfect Marriage Revenge. This drama is adapted from a webtoon with the same title.

The Tyson Miracle

Author: @maykit55

This type of mistake is very common among people to minimize the ability of a person who has a disability or disability,

The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki (2016): a story of love and boxing

Author: @cristiancaicedo

One of the things I like about platforms like MUBI and International Film Festivals is that they are an ideal space to discover films, actors and directors that don't sound like much from this side of the world, but are excellent cinematographic works

Black Noise || An Absolute Disappointment

Author: @teknon

There's nothing as bad as watching a movie that doesn't relate to the genre attached to it.

Movie Review | Nuovo Olimpo (2023) | When love is unforgettable [ENG - ESP]
2 Comments / 1 reblogs

Author: @universoperdido

Have you had an affair in the past that to this day you have not been able to forget? Have you wondered what your life would be like if that person were with you today?

Shingeki no kyojin: the history of humanity

Author: @mamaemigrante

At home, the COVID-19 pandemic not only brought isolation and fear, but it also gave my older son an opportunity to delve into the world of anime

Talk to me, Review

Author: @bethyjade

Hello, people of the internet, everything ok? Today I want to review (briefly because there really isn't too much to say)

Oppenheimer Men are Children Playing to be Gods

Author: @bethyjade

Oppenheimer a powerful biography style film directed by Nolan, many positive things have been said about the film and it is almost redundant to highlight it again,


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