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I am attached to this message; please let me explain. Yesterday is still ongoing, the bells are yet to ring. By 6am the alarm will go off and you and I will start running again. We will call this new section of this race of life tomorrow. There will be no stopping halfway.

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This hustle and bustle is what we do. The bee will hustle its honey, the swallow will hustle its seeds. The ants will hustle its crumb; each to its own. What we do is not special. We are following a tradition as old as the myth of any country or faith. Yet some of the days like this new one coming, we went into the city, hungry and thirsty and we came back home with nothing but the heat of the sun fleeing our backs.

Does this mean that we should stop to hustle? No. For this is what it means to live. We make do while waiting for life to happen to us. We add one there to one here, trim the edges, borrow a spoon from somewhere and eat. We keep the remainder for another day.

We have dreams. This is important. Some of us have forgotten our dreams though. Making do has become a way of life. We have succumbed to the reality of the race. Living from this small win to the next small win, we have built our lives piece by small piece, knowing that life may never happen and there is no time to wait.

For those who dream, there are those like me for who dreaming is everything. We dream of tomorrow as if it was today. We live in the dream because reality sucks. So we are broke and homeless? We still smile because in our dreams we are Kings. To each its own.

Ownership is a very human trait and many of us hustle to own things. We buy, we sell, we covet. It is an innate thing. It is the most popular reason for hustling. Many do not leave their beds for daily bread. They already have that buttered and toasted for them with eggs and ham on the side. For these, their hustle is so that they can have the finer things in life. This implies that they already have things.

What diminishes us is the need to keep at the hustle for these finer things long past when it was necessary. When then do we sit back, look at all we have created and say, it is beautiful, it is good? The animal in us makes us to continue, to bid, to trade, to journey uncharted paths, even when the need is non existent. Weirdly, an animal will not hunt when it and its dependent are full. The ant forages for a rainy day. The human is the only animal that hustles for the sake of owning things even when they are of no use to us. Yet we claim to be at the top of the pyramid.

This is not the only strange logic that binds us. To own these things, we have fought and killed ourselves. Thus we are also the ones who mostly kill what we will not eat just so we can own things. These things in themselves have no value. What are two or three cars in your garage? If you are not using it as a vehicle, what is it then if not a show of power?

It is this hustle for power that drives us. We have lengthened a day beyond twenty four hours and even at the age when it is suitable to rest our weary body, we are still out in the streets hawking our wares at the top of our voices. We have filled the earth with huge tombs, machines, non living objects just to sate our addiction for control.

We found that we could not master the wind or the sea. The mountain towered above us and we felt small. The human race hustled out of the stone age to an age that has killed all the gods except one; power. Our daily struggle is now the giving and taking away of power. This power is not free. It is why we seek after money as much as a bear seeks after fish or honey.

Civilizations have risen and fallen because of our desires to be powerful. This hustle and bustle will fill your ears this morning when you wake. The machine that makes power will grind and hum and from its greasy mouth, those poised and brutal enough, will be waiting to grab their share. People will die, innocent or not. It will be another day at work. Good morning

Yours always
Osahon (warpedpoetic)


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