Hive Naija Weekend Threading | Week 25

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Greetings, Naijans!

The Weekend Threading is a fun way of interaction via threads and an idea proposed by the Inleo Community towards fostering engagement. The fun part of this is, you get to talk about anything! So, what are you waiting for? Hop on!

In last mini contest, we had 3 entries. Let's get the number up. So drop one, bring person to drop one, we go plenty.😁

HBD Winners:

~ @princessbusayo

~ @luchyl

~ @phyna

LEO Winners:

~ @princessbusayo

~ @luchyl

~ @phyna

Congratulations! Winners get 1 HBD each and 10 LEO each, respectively. Amazing job!

The Details:

Movies are entertaining. Some are swoon worthy, others can be grotesque, there can be a lot of drama too.
Share with us your favourite movie or series and feel free to tell us why you love it..

How to Thread:

  • Go to

  • Log in with with your preferred method

  • Type your Thread, upload your pic

  • Click send!

What Happens Next:

  • InLeo will vote all the cool ones!

  • The 5 with the most engagement will get 10 LEO each

  • The 3 funniest ones will win 1 HBD each!

Untitled design_20240202_165010_0000.png


  • Upload any picture that is related to your favourite movie or series.

  • Add some text to make people want to engage with it.

  • Use the tags #hivenaija #movies

  • Tag two people to join in

You can also (if the characters are not enough for you):
  • Send that thread, then reply to your 1st thread.
  • Add more text, give your 1st thread some context and flavor!
  • There's no need to add the tag again in the second thread.
And that's it!

Now, go engage with other members of your community that use the tag #movies, or browse around other Hivers' threads!

Contest ends Monday 9am UTC + 1!

👉🏽 Remember, this is to be fun and creative. 👈🏽

Untitled design_20240202_165010_0000.png

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Thank you very much for giving this wonderful contest.Also, I am giving respect and love to the three winners.I always respect their efficiency.

@princessbusayo @luchyl @phyna

May the Creator always bless everyone with all abilities. I am expecting that.

Yaaayyyy 😎🥳🥳🥳 congratulations to the winners. Let's do it again and bring more people. The more the merrier.

Awesome, I will try to join this, this week 🙌👍👍

Oya come and join us oo 😉 😜

Thanks for the prizes, really appreciate. We go again this weekend

Can the picture be snapped from the movie or it has to be sourced?

This is beautiful, congratulations to the winners