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As a community, we have come a long way together over the years, and more exponentially since The Big Move. What we want for ourselves is to have a space where countrymen have a home to share the Nigerian experience and connect with one another. Together, we'll have a blast of a year.

Welcome to a new edition of the Hive Naija Weekly Prompts. This initiative is one of our activities to explore our creativity and foster connections amongst ourselves. Whether you're a seasoned creator or just discovering the joy of expressing your thoughts, these prompts are crafted to inspire and ignite your creativity, as well as interact with the creativity of others in the community.

Last Edition's Winners:

What a blast this week! We had 32 of you share beautiful memories and heartfelt response with us! We appreciate every participant for taking giant strides to expand their minds with the last edition's prompts. Many were as beautiful as they came. And there are a few that we want to showcase for their exceptional entries and level of engagement in the community.

First Place

by @fab-tay

As a patriotic citizen and a noble professional, i work in a Community Pharmacy premise where i have a direct contact to patients and interact first-hand with the patients of different classes and categories. Through this, i was able to meet the health needs of patients within my capacity as permitted under the law and hereby providing pharmaceutical/patient-care services.

Second Place

Lessons from running my business on credits and sentiment
by @jjmusa2004

My packaging of kuli was not a hassle. All I did was buy wrapping nylon and use a measuring bowl to sell the quantities my customers needed, but often, they were packed between ₦500 and ₦1,000. It was not a good package for those who were willing to resell it, but it was good enough for consumers. The quality reduced the quantity, yet it was always worth the price.

Third Place

Side hustling, the best way to survive in Naija
by @chichieze

This is the greatest mistake i made. I started selling of stockfish and crawfish business in August 2022 after undergoing some trainings. I actually started this business with a huge amount of money i made from my blogging career. I wanted to use it as my side hustle in other to support myself and my family members. But things didn't work as planned. It was consuming all my time. Each time i came back from market, I fee very tired and it was really affecting me.

Congratulations to these talented individuals for their outstanding contributions. Each of them wins 3, 2, and 1 HIVE for their positions. Now, we would like mention a few other entries that we deem exceptional.

Honourary Mentions

This Week's Prompts:

📝 Have you ever had a weekend so good that you never wanted it to end? Tell us about it and why it is so special to you.

📝 Tell us about one part of your upbringing that you love so much and would like to replicate in your children. And also tell us about one part you never want to recreate in bringing up your child.


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The community thrives on the diverse perspectives that contribute to its vibrancy. We look forward to your unique entries this week. Many thanks to the InLeo team for their immense support.

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Wow congratulations to all of us. Glad to be among the winners this time. My entry for this week loading

Congratulations to the winners.
Thanks for the honorary mentioned @hivenaija.

Amazing prompts for the week let's get writting.
Can't wait to read beautiful write ups.

Thank you @HiveNaija for the the privilege of the first place winner. This is a big encouragement for me in the pursuit and contribution towards a better and healthier nation. I will keep contributing my best and once again, thanks, I appreciate.

@chichieze @jjmusa2004 @chichieze
Respect and love to all those present. We can achieve great education with all of your skills. Also, being a winner is very gratifying. As we used to play sports as children and become fast second third. May the Creator always win you with such joy and skill.
Also, many thanks to the community for this weekly event as always through all the rules and regulations. This year's extraordinary event aims to rekindle the joyous time of Weekend Ananda. Thank you very much for this wonderful contest.

here is my entry

Om my goodness 😲😲!!! Thanks so much for your kind words. I really appreciate your kind words

You are most Wellcome my pleasure my dear friend may god bless you

Definitely we can, together we are strong

yes you are welcome

Congratulations to all the winners! This week's prompt provides a great opportunity for self-expression and learning from the experiences of others. I am definitely looking forward to exploring one of these topics.

Congratulations to the winners and highlighted posts.

Congratulations to all winners and honorable mentions. I'm grateful

Congratulations to the winner’s

Congratulations to all the winners.

Congratulations to all the winners

And thanks for the honorary mention

Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to all the winners.

The topics are really nice and lovely
Here's my entry for this week's prompt

Congratulations to all the winners of the last contest.

It was so interesting participating in this week's contest after a while. Here is my entry please

Congratulationz to the winners.
My entry to week 42 weekly prompt.

Here is my entry

Congratulations to our winners and the honorable mentions

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the previous contest. Wow, interesting topics, this is my entry@Megamo/a weekend I can never forget,we meet again after 23yrs, reunion 2023,set 2001, St Josa .

Hi everyone, here's the link to my entry.

Been a while on here, been busy with life or let's say, life has been busy with me. Good to be back.

One of my favorite topics to write on.
Here is my entry:
I supported @fab-tay and @intishar

Congratulations to all the winners of this edition

Hello everyone here is my link

Congratulations to all the winners