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Every year or week of Valentine's Day in my life has mostly been straightforward: Sleep, wake up, carry out my daily activities, laugh at memes online, sometimes I even help to surprise other people. My favorite should be eating the goodies that come with my friends gifts.

I never expect gifts on Valentine's Day, maybe because I can't be bothered about relationships because I'm scared of ‘breakfast’ and definitely because I spend it without my mom. She's in Lagos while I attend a university in Awka.

That being said, the fact that Val's day was on the same day as Ash Wednesday was great for me. I accepted it that the day was for Ash Wednesday and I would just go to church and come back home, especially after my friend Amara, who was supposed to visit from Lagos during that week, called to cancel.

On Tuesday, Amara texts asking me to send my address. I began to wonder if she had changed her mind about coming and probably forgotten how to get to my place. Anyway, I sent it to her, making a mental note to myself to ask her why she needed the address, which I never did.

I was pretty convinced she was going to surprise me by showing up, why else would she ask for my address? We had a lot to gist about and catch up on, so I was anticipating her surprise arrival. In fact, I even started making preparations for my expected guest. Lol.

On the day of St. Valentine, I was up early doing chores and the rest. I kept on wishing people Happy Ash Wednesday and if anyone reminded me that it was also Val's day I simply replied, “Go to church Omg”. At some point that morning, I realized I'd missed my friend's call, so I called back excitedly.

Lo and behold, she tells me she had ordered a cake for me and wishes me a happy val. Initially, I thought she was joking because she was all the way in Lagos, she didn't know anyone here in Awka, so how could she have ordered a cake? I laughed about the whole issue, and I remember asking her about 25 times if she was serious because it had been a while since anyone apart from my family had surprised me on Valentine's Day.

She assured me she was and sent me the number of the caterer, who said I would get the cake by 12. I was ecstatic because everyone who knows me knows how much I love cake! But what I loved most was the surprise, the fact that she had been thoughtful enough to think about doing something sweet for me on that day. It is something I'll never forget.

My cousin’s friend, on the other hand, kept on posting fake surprises on her WhatsApp status of being gifted a car and other gifts. We couldn't stop laughing at her attempt to try ‘fake life’.


So the cake finally arrived, they say seeing is believing, and I finally believed. I nearly shed tears when I cut a piece and discovered it was a red velvet cake, and it was really delicious too. My cousin and her friend also took me out, we bought ice cream on our way home and enjoyed the cake.

Finally, the legendary Loveth who spends almost every Val's day being lonely, celebrates with her loved ones. It was really memorable and maybe next time I might actually surprise someone because I experienced the feeling for the first time and I would love to make someone feel that way...

The picture of the cake was taken with my phone

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Next year you’ll get a man I believe!!!!😂

😂 hopefully a very good one

 2 months ago