My financial engagements for the holiday, festivities and lots more.

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I'm certainly celebrating Christmas like every other christian, no body can take that from me. With or without money Christmas will always be fun, the joy of the season is more than enough. And for those who are not celebrating Christmas at least they get to have plenty of rest or at least a home coming to be with their loved ones, in everyway Christmas period is a good one for everyone


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Actually this seasons also calls for higher level of financial engagements alot of spendings.One of the major things that attract me in the season is the Promo and sales offer that goes on in different company's. Alot of price slashes and discount on many products making us wishing to buy almost everything.
I think I made a mistake here, it has always been at the back of my mind to push forward all of my purchases to this periods, all of the gadgets I have bought earlier this year would have been moved to this period.

Even though I still have a long to buy list the only short coming I have is finances. We all know that this year has been a very tough financial year with multiplied inflation every corner. It has been the most difficult year for anyone to have savings unless they are milking a government purse somewhere 😆🤣I truly desire to have some funds to at least cover up some needful items I need and that can be cheaply purchased at this period.

Aside the household items I wish to get, getting some new pair of outfits for Christmas clothes won't be ignored 🤣🤣🤣. Call it the whole tradition whatever I will still buy fabrics and sew for myself, siblings, nephews and nieces. In all that's making about 6girls and boys respectively. Do you know how much fabrics cost, the least is $2 for a trouser length and each individual might use 2-3trouser length for the clothing with exception of the sewing expenses for the boys since the one for the ladies would be covered by me. In all making our clothes might cost about $200HBD

It is even cheaper for us this way compare to buying new clothes from the market in which a single person's outfits can go for $10HBD minus shoes 👟👟. In any case Christmas clothes shopping might be cancelled just incase the expenses is getting higher than expected.
I would like us to have a family Album at Christmas hence I thought that it will be a good idea for us to wear a common cloth.

Wahala for who no go get money to buy Christmas clothes 🤣🤣😂

Aside those above I have also engaged in sewing free outfits for my friends and the less privilege of society in the season, just buy and come with a fabric and I will style you. Monica has already made outfits for two people already. Maybe to promote the brand or give back to my society I don't know, I just felt like doing this and will like to see my handwork painted everywhere at Christmas 🎄⛄

And for some Umuaka (Little Children) around me I may be forced to buy some cheap yet nice fabrics to make outfits for them, everyone around me must have something to wear for Christmas hehe.

My siblings raises some broiler birds for Christmas hence that financial expenses is rolled out, we harvested some good quantity of rice. (Na to buy pepper cook Christmas rice remain) Families and friends will be coming around as our home is usually like center of celebration, all road leads here 💃💃🎉🎂💃💃🎂🎉🎄

To conclude this I truly desire to spend lavishly for the season, but for someone with a wide financial plans for tomorrow you won't eat save up what you have after spending 💰 instead of doing otherwise, Save wisely before spending. January won't be longer than 30days if we have something to live by it everyday like they have often joked that the days in January last longer once there is no money to live by it and we wish for the Month to end so that a salary can rescue us from the excess spending ik December that makes most people Hungry in January.


Christmas clothes won't be ignored 🤣

No matter the expenses, that is very important, I mean it is not only children that needs Christmas clothes naw, we adult too, needs to look new and refreshing that day😄

And this is what I smiled at

everyone around me must have something to wear for Christmas hehe.

It's a good thing you are not thinking about yourself alone but about everyone other person around you. Keep up the good works and God will strengthen you!

We all need to look good ooo 😂

I believe January is usually long because salaries are paid early in December and there's a high spending spree in December. Branded clothes would definitely be expensive compared to making them locally which is the better option. I wish you a beautiful festive period

Thanks alot. We must have learnt our lessons by now and only an unwise man will do any shopping spree in December to come suffer in January.

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