Mapping The Path To My Dreem; Choosing My Amiable Teem.

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To have a successful Dreem, it requires a process that should be given adequate attention. A Dreemer should be intentional, paying attention to details in every step being undertaken with the mindset of achieving set goals for a project.

It's been two weeks plus since we started the Dreemport challenge for the year. This round is extra ordinary as the tasks have been thought-provoking. It's been something that leads one to stretch further, aspire to greatness, and plan for the future in real life. I don't know about others, but from the moment I published my first post regarding my Dreem space, I became deliberate about a dream that had been inside of me for a long time. I began to imagine a beautiful future with my Dreem space. I began to initiate discussions that would lead to actualizing my dream. I made a series of phone calls and just got so motivated to take action. Then comes the second task about my Dreem tools, and this made my Dreem more clear and specific. Things are still a work in progress, though.

Today, I am being challenged to form a teem that would assist me in executing my dreem.

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Forming a great teem looks difficult! I think it's even critical to pursuing a Dreem. This is because you want to find the right people who connect with your vision. people capable of breathing life into you during your most challenging time on the project. People that have skills and that can teach you, and finally, people that love you and can push you into achieving your dreams. These were my considerations, and that pushed me into asking these amiable dreemers to be part of my Dreem team!

Meet my Dreem Teem

Before I tell you about these amazing people and why I chose them to be part of my dreem space, I will love to briefly tell you what my dreem space looks like for the benefit of those who were not able to read my two previous posts on this subject.

About my dream space, it's tied to becoming a big entrepreneur. Owning a bottled/sachet water factory as a means of creating financial freedom for myself, my family, and even my generation at large. A flourishing business/Dreem space in which other investments would be created through it as it expands with time, gaining roots that last a long time and capable of becoming a blessing to my future generations.

On this note, I have chosen this set of dreemers to journey alongside me in actualizing my dreem.

@kenechukwu97: This being has been a supportive soul for my growth in life generally. He is such a calculative risk-taker, a good researcher who pays attention to details before jumping into action. A banking and finance professional. As an individual who is finance-oriented, I have no doubt that he will guide me through the financial planning needed to set up my factory and provide support and ideas where needed.

@olujay: Jay is a deep thinker and always has creative ideas pop up in his mind like fireworks. I am currently working with him on two different projects in Hive, and so far, I have come to admire how fast he comes up with creative ideas that ordinarily I couldn't think of or imagine. He is also that kind of person who can go out of his way to support others, and several times he has given me adequate support. He is an engineer, and even though he may not know exactly how factory machinery works, I believe he will have the basic ideas to guide me on issues related to mechanical operations and lots more as the need arises.

⏩: @george-dee: George is an encourager; countless times, he checks up on me to know how I am doing about life generally and encourages me to keep striving. So far, I have discovered that he has this people-management skill in him. Now, I would need co-workers in the factory, and I have no doubt that whenever I find it challenging to manage people, George will step in for me with his amazing ideas.

I tried to incorporate the duties of my Amiable teem as I describe each of them to explain why I feel they can be a teem for my dreem; they simply connect to my heart 💜❤️. All of them have sacrificed their time and energy to supporting my life growth generally in one way or the other, and I have no doubt that they will commit to my Dreem as things unfolds. These amazing Teem have been a bunch of influences, and I am optimistic that they will support, build and push me through the journey!

If you read up to this point, thanks for your precious time 🤗

This post is in response to the DreemPort Challenge in this year's Dreemer of the Year Competition

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Ah. Ye! You'll make me well up in tears. I feel honoured.

You've been very thoughtful and intentional with your dreemspace. I want nothing more than for it to come to fruition for you. I know you to be very conscientious, so I have 100% faith in you. Let's go, Sweet Nkem! They won't see it coming.

Aww, there you go with your words of motivation. I am so glad to have you in my teem Jay. It's my desire that this Dreem come to fruition. Thanks for all you do for me

Dreems are meant to be accomplished and truly you are on the path to making yours happen. I always believed that we need one another to make great things happen and I feel honoured to be part of your teem.

You are an amazing person, a woman with great dreems and I believe that this you have set your heart on will definitely be accomplished.

Yea, we each other to succeed and I am positive that having you by my side will make a significant difference with my dreem thanks for being part of this project

This is awesome. See team oooo. This is a team that will break boundaries to smash goals. Hehe.

The goal you have is achievable. It's a big goal and it's always exciting to see you take steps forward towards achieving this. Well Done 👍.

Thanks so much for fitting me into this awesome team. This is awesome.

Hahaha 😂😂
Limit breakers

It's a big goal indeed and I am eager to see that it's achieved and functional
Thanks for accepting to be part of my teem... you are awesome 😎

Haha... We limit breakers have been breaking a lot of limits. It's unimaginable. Haha. We will keep the fire burning.

Nice one nkem. I believe you and most importantly I know that those you have chosen will propel you towards working very hard to achieve your dreem.

Aww 🥰
Thank you so much Amiable. I will keep trying my best and with this awesome term, I hope to get all the push I need

I think you have chosen the best three members for your dreem teem. You pick everyone after analysis and it seems you are also good in case of choosing. Best of luck to you for your dreem.

Awwwwww 🥰🥰
Thanks for always being nice with words
I so much appreciate that
Happy new month friend

Very nice dreem teem you've chosen. They are incredible people with big brain... lol. And I hope you get your dreem achieved. It is a very nice operating business.

Hello dearest fashionable dreemer. Happy good Friday. And a happy new month to an incredible soul like you. I am glad you are alive to see a beautiful month as this and wishing you a happy day ahead. I waltzed in from #dreemport, for I am an amazing #dreemer. An awesomely made #dreemerforlife.

Amazing team. You have a great goal and I am very sure they will help you achieve it. @kenechukwu97 is in this team already? Wow. @kenechukwu97 this is the time to put your multitasking skill to full force, right? Hahahaha. May God help all our dreems come true

Hahaha 😂😂, the young dude is in my team oo... limit breakers😍
Thank you so much sis
I appreciate your kind words 👍


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