The 3 Valuable Traits I Wish Everyone In The World Had.

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I wish everyone knew everyone's mind. So the world would be transparent.

I could imagine knowing my employees' minds during a job interview or knowing my partner's mind when he is telling lies.
But it is not possible so I won't include it as one of the traits I wished everyone had.

However, I wish everyone had the traits of transparency and honesty.
An honest person is loyal, truthful, and trustworthy. Let's visualize a country or an organization that has leaders with this trait, there will be a high tendency for growth and development, peace and harmony.

Another trait is Unconditional Love
I wish everyone, both young and old, poor and the rich could have a sincere love and compassion for others just like we have for ourselves.

The world lacks this trait, love. That is why you will see people build high fences to cover their wealth.

In the place I'm living now, the majority of the houses have high fences with barbed wire.
The poor masses who live around them trek a long distance to get water from a filling station across the road. But all the big houses have a borehole and some are using solar to pump this water they couldn't give. I do feel bad whenever I think about it.

How about Destiny Helper? I don't know if you have heard of that.

In my country, we refer to the people who help us as destiny helpers, especially if they are not family.

But this was then — in the olden days. Because today's destiny helper needs an exchange for whatever he/she wants to do for you, be it job opportunities or business enlightenment. They can't just help you for free.
I can't generalize this anyway, because I'm sure there are still good people who are willing to help without getting anything in return, except thank you of course.

Also, If there's love in my country, certain people won't be wasting our resources while others are crying and begging for a piece of it.

If everybody had the trait of love, there would be no broken marriages and abandoned babies.
Friends won't hurt friends and neighbors will co-exist with no trace of tribalism and religious conflicts.

Another trait I wish everyone had is Resilience.

Resilience is such an important trait to have because it allows us to overcome obstacles and bounce back from difficult situations.

It's like having a strong inner strength that helps us keep going, even when things get tough.

Resilient people can adapt to change, stay positive in the face of adversity, and find solutions to problems. They don't let setbacks define them, but instead, they use them as opportunities for growth and learning.

Having resilience can make a huge difference in how we handle challenges and ultimately lead to greater success and happiness in life. This alone can eliminate depression and grief, suicide, and even poverty.

So, it's a trait that I wish everyone in the world had.

It will be a wonderful thing to know everyone is strong and capable of fending for himself.

That will be all for today, thank you so much for reading, for your time and support.

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2️⃣Talk about three valuable traits that you wished everyone in the world had. It could be an attribute or a skill but not more than three and it must reflect an innate characteristic in man.


When we are transparent, lies will automatically vanish from the earth, we will know the true intend of the heart of everyone, pretence will die and people will show nothing more than their true colors, unfortunately it's a very rare trait today amongst human.

Honesty is a very great quality that can easy build trust amongst humans, I am just imagining how united we would be if we all possess such trait.

Unconditional love is the solution to all our problems in the world. In fact it summarizes everything. If you have genuine love for people, you would be honest and you would be transparent to them as well.

If not for resilience, most of us wouldn't have been here today, it's one trait that every human being who wants to succeed in life should posses

It's only a pity that we don't have then. Some of us who have may find it difficult to uphold it due to bad influence.

Hmm you are very right o

Love is all encompassing. If we only could treat others just how we would want that they should treat us, so much difference would be made in our world.

Haha I think a lot of us in Nigeria are resilient already considering how we are able to survive harsh conditions and still laugh about it 😅

Notable traits you shared, thanks for participating 💯

Thank you dear.
Nigeria is really a hard country. We have to be resilient enough to withstand the stress😪.

Your reflections on the traits you wish everyone had are quite insightful. Transparency, honesty, unconditional love, and resilience are undoubtedly key factors for building a better world. The real-world examples you shared, like the high fences, make it hit home.

It is what I always feel is lacking in our society. You won't believe sometimes I do feel like crying when I see people suffer too much, and people who can help are just watching.

When I read to the part you mentioned honesty and Transparency in leadership, my mind went far and imagined deep how this country would have been it such mind is in our leaders.

It's well

Our country would have been a developed one because we have enough resources and strength.

If the world can have people with these traits, no doubt the world would be a better place

Wow, I wish everyone had this things too

In our world today, honesty is a trait many individuals lack and it's slowly eating up our world.

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Destiny helper has become destiny destroyer. May God deliver us only few people can help now without looking for something in return.

God will help us.