Yeah, Dr. Hoffe isn't claiming everybody gets these problems. If you have half an hour sometime, you should check it out.

Yeah, incredibly riveting stories of real people and real experiences.
Amazing that YouTube banned it just 20 minutes after upload! And now I'm blocked from using the site for a week. Something really bothered them about this info.

It was awesome to protest today, and talk to people about this Lytton issue. Lots of people know about it already! Locally here in BC, anyway.
Thanks for doing this video @Drutter. It's reaching people and showing them how corrupt the vaccine narrative is. You being banned from YouTube over it just seals the deal.

Yeah, but these people had theirs early January, and are still developing these symptoms. Maybe you're not out of the woods, yet. Cancer takes several years to develop. Keep in mind you don't have a placenta, which reduces your chances of miscarriage and sterility.
In Lytton, out of 700 vaccinated, so far they have had 1 death, 3 seriously disabled, and dozens with neurological symptoms, insomnia, etc. It sounds like the chance of a serious side effect is much higher than the 1 in a million mentioned by Moderna when applying for their emergency approval.
The fact that you have no symptoms (or none yet anyway) is a much less userul anecdote. Your sample size is 1. Lytton is a much more useful study. They've had dozens of serious problems out of hundreds of recipients. You've had 0 serious problems out of 1 recipient. I'm glad you're okay, but your single point of data isn't all that useful in the grand scheme of things.
Keep in mind the second shot is turning out to be far more dangerous than the first. Lytton has still only had their first dose. You've had both already?

The issue is about YouTube memory holing first hand testimony of a Doctor about events in his town.

How can the so called "experts" even form a valid opinion if the evidence of side effects is suppressed.