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RE: Unsafe and Ineffective

Thailand has been super slow on the vaccine front and, for once, most people are relieved at government slowness and the creaking wheels of archaic bureaucracy.

Most people here are content to not vaxx, and that suits me.

The informationwar on this issue is appalling. Luckily (?) the first person to die of vaxx here in Thailand was a monk, so the superstitious Thai people have taken it as divine guidance.


Well said and thanks for the info from your region.

Amazing how bureaucratic inefficiency has now come to serve us. Interestingly we have more chinese living here in Thailand than ANY other country (over 9 million) and China has already been adamant that it will NOT accept western vaccines for entry-travel and will only accept its own.

So much crazy. When are we EVER gonna get back to natural health and better functioning immune systems?


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