Those far-right terrorists are back at it!

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If you work in the media, there seems to be a very big agenda to attribute anything that is bad happening to being "far-right" with very little regard to what "right" and "left" actually mean. For a human with basic understanding of political affiliation and understanding of media bias, it is pretty easy to determine whether someone is left or right, but I don't know if the general population can make that differentiation and probably don't read beyond headlines anyway.

With leftists wrecking cities and causing mayhem in leftist cities all over the country, the media avoids calling them "left" at all costs. They won't even call Antifa "leftists" for the most part, but if they have any opportunity to call something "far-right" you better believe that they do so, even if it isn't true at all.


The two gentlemen above were arrested in Minnesota for attempting to conspire with Hamas, which is designated as an actual terrorist organization by the United States. What these guys didn't know is that the "Hamas operative" they had gotten in touch with was actually a U.S. agent.

These two, according to CBS and other media outlets who jumped at the chance to label these two as "far-right," were interested in "destroying government monuments, raiding the headquarters of a White supremacist organization in North Carolina and targeting politicians and the media."

Now other than the last item (media), do any of those objectives sound like what your typical right-oriented person actually wants to do? It kinda sounds like another group of people that just so happen to be actually affiliated with "far-left" activities. It kind of sounds like Antifa now, doesn't it? This story ended up getting picked up by a number of smaller outlets but the underlying message of "far-right" appears in all of them since they basically just copied the CBS story.


To give a little credit to CBS, they do say that the affiliation with the "Boogaloo Bois" is something the two in question themselves attribute. It's not like there are meeting for the organization or anything and as far as the Boogaloo Bois themselves are concerned, they are basically a non-issue as far as political operatives are concerned.

On the flip-side of this though, CBS places completely unrelated video footage of police / rioter showdowns in the middle of the article, i would imagine in an attempt to convince the more open to suggestion population that these guys, not BLM and Antifa, are actually responsible for the destruction of these cities.

You may recall that they tried to do the same thing with "umbrella man" a few weeks ago despite having very weak "proof" of that actually being the case. The idea that riots on this level could be started by one or two people and everyone else involved is just an innocent victim of the mayhem, is a rather silly idea anyway. The notion didn't stick, and the story disappeared into the rear-view mirror.

I suppose they decided to have another go with this story.

CBS does not mention in their writeup that Benjamin Teeter actually has a Twitter account and would regularly post things that were very left oriented and describes himself as a "leftist anarchist." That wouldn't fall in line with what their real objective in the article actually is, which is to use this opportunity not to report about the arrest of these two, but to try to affiliate them with the "right" as much as possible.

Once again, the CBS article and the others that jumped on the bandwagon are not engaging in journalism, they are engaging in activism. They take a few facts (that the guys were arrested) and then spend the rest of the time spinning the story to make it something that it isn't.

It was such a stupid article that even Hamas came on the record to say that they have nothing to do with these two, or with Boogaloo Bois, and accused the US government of trying to discredit their organization. HA! Well, lets go ahead and throw this article on the ever-growing pile of



well of course they are far-right. all bad things that happen are far-right, even when they aren't.

In a lot of these stories, someone will dig up their social media where it clearly shows they support the left and then the news about them goes bye bye!

Sickening how things are twisted. This is terrorism whether you like it or not and it may sound extreme to some but they should be taken away and removed from society. I laughed as I saw a report about someone who was arrested for doing similar stuff in the UK and they not only named them but basically gave their address as well. Guaranteed they will be picked up by someone and taught a good lesson as that is what is needed now.

as it becomes more and more evident that the justice and police systems are all but useless, what you described is the eventual outcome.

This is already not on the news anymore. It seems that the cycle kind of goes like this now.

  1. Network intentionally misattributes political affiliation of something bad that happened
  2. opposing network points it out and cries foul
  3. original network buries the story
  4. People believe what they were going to believe anyway

yeah, unfortunately the battle lines have been drawn and credibility doesn't seem to factor into how people get their news very much these days. You are probably right.

My biggest hope is that here in Oregon with the wildfires and everybody coming together for disaster response...

That we will become stronger and stop this division between us.

We need to open up court system and get those judges back to work however I was told by the district attorney of Portland Oregon that Court won't be open until November at the very beginning...

Yep you can continue to go steal cars loot burn dumpsters and set the police precinct on fire and just get booked and released....

What a shame. I think we need new judges and politicians at every level in the state as well as the city.

Oregon needs huge changes and first step would be is to get some law and order back on our streets.

Oregon did legalize marijuana so we should have plenty of room to house violent felons!!!!