How True Freedom Is Generated

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For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. -- Nelson Mandela

What Exactly Is True Freedom?

What do you truly desire?

What do you want more than almost anything else in life?

Were we able to listen clearly to the deepest desire of our heart and soul, then I believe that the answer is clear:


This is certainly what my heart desires.

And I'm willing to bet that if you're reading this post, then yours does, too.

But, what exactly is true freedom?

A Gift From Creation

You and I, and everyone else - we all possess something priceless.

It's something we received before we were born.

And we will take it with us to the grave.

It's worth more than all of the money in the world.

And you cannot buy it at any price,

It's a special gift given to each of us from Creation itself:


We can -- and do -- have the freewill to choose each and every one of our actions or behaviors.

We literally have the capacity to choose to act or behave in any manner that is within our physical abilities.

We can even choose to cause harm!

Specifically, we can choose to act in a way that is good, or in a way that is evil.

Freedom therefore is the degree to which we, as a species, may collectively use our gift of freewill choice without being stopped from doing so.

But, are we really free?

Slavery: The Current Human Condition


If we're being honest with ourselves, we can agree that in the world today, humanity as a whole has a very low level of freedom.

For example:

  • We can be stopped for any reason -- or for no reason -- while rightfully going on our way.
  • We can be prevented from entering certain regions without permission.
  • A small group of people confiscates a percentage of the fruits of our labor under duress and the threat of violence.
  • We are often assaulted or harmed for ingesting or consuming what we wish to.
  • Many people are wrongfully assaulted and thrown into a cage, more often than not without having caused any harm to others.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.


The discerning reader will identify the above actors against our freewill choices as the police, military and governments of the world, among others.

Clearly, we are not living in a "free world" by any stretch of the imagination.

And it has been this way - to one degree or another - for a very long time.

Assuming we truly desire to be free, how exactly do we get out of this predicament?

"There Is No Political Solution"

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A broad review of most of the current "truth and freedom" movement in the world reveals an important fact:

Most people are focused on "political" or "social" solutions to the problems in the world.

"Anarcho-capitalists," and others espouse an ideology that seeks to change the world by exposing the systems of control.

And then fighting against them -- from within the same structures of religion and politics that the system created.

For example, using the court systems to fight the system itself!

In their hit song Spirits In The Material World, The Police revealed several hidden truths about reality, including:

There is no political solution to our troubled evolution. Have no faith in constitution; there is no bloody revolution.

This is because these geopolitical structures are and can only ever be the effect and not the cause.

To obtain true freedom, we must go deeper.

The Occult: The Hidden Nature of Reality


What immediately comes to mind when you read the words "the occult?"

Most people think of "evil," or perhaps something akin to sorcery or dark magic.

And while there is definitely a dark side to the occult, it is not all evil.

In fact, the word occult comes from the Latin, and means simply "hidden."

It refers to the body of knowledge -- about ourselves and about the Universe -- that has been largely hidden throughout the ages.

Most importantly, it contains much knowledge that is required in order to fully understand -- and change -- ourselves and our reality.

Natural Law: The Master Key To Unlock Freedom


Natural Law is a subset of occult knowledge.

Broadly speaking, Natural Law refers to the hidden spiritual laws which, like their physical law counterparts, govern the nature of reality.

However, unlike the physical laws, like gravity, they operate from the spiritual plane.

Students of Hermeticism will recognize the Principle of Cause & Effect.

This hidden law basically states:

"Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law."

Returning to the main question at hand, we now know that there are causal factors that have led to the current human condition of slavery.

In fact, there is a hidden spiritual law that describes this, and gives us the precise and exact reason of why the world is the way it is today.

And how to change it.

This hidden law may be called The Law of Freedom.

And it is as mathematically precise as the law of gravity.

The Law of Gravity


We are all intimately familiar with the law of gravity.

And by understanding certain characteristics of this universal physical law, we can better understand how Natural Law operates.

Even though they are not identical, there are enough similarities to facilitate our understanding.

Gravity is a universal, eternal, immutable, inherent, and mathematically precise law.

Gravity dictates how objects attract each other.

It is universal, because it applies everywhere in the known universe.

It is eternal because, as far as we know, it has always existed, and it will always exist so long as the universe does.

It is immutable - it never changes, nor can we change or disable it.

Even when we think we are circumventing it, we aren't.

In fact, we are simply gaining mastery over its effect.

Gravity is inherent in nature.

It was designed by the Creator of the Universe, and not by humans or any species.

Its effects can be described with mathematical precision when properly studied and understood.

Whether or not we want to admit it, we all master gravity to one degree or another, by harmonizing with its effects.

For example, the dancer in the above image has mastered her relationship with gravity, in order to perform her art.

So, how can we use this example from the physical laws to better understand The Law of Freedom?

The Law of Freedom

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The Law of Freedom is a universal, eternal, immutable, inherent, and mathematically precise spiritual law.

Just like gravity, it is always operating in the known universe, and we can no more escape it than we can gravity.

However, we can harmonize our thoughts, feelings and actions with it.

The Law of Freedom may be summarized as follows:

As aggregate morality increases within a species or civilization, freedom increases proportionally in that same population. And vice-versa.

Freedom, therefore, is a mathematical function of morality.

Morality: The Generator of Freedom

So, what exactly is morality?

And what does it truly mean to be "moral?"

Just like the Law of Freedom, the true definition of morality is an occult science.

Most modern religions and social structures either give us incorrect definitions of morality, or they claim that there is no such thing as objective morality.

Both are incorrect.

Morality is as inherent to nature as gravity, and all of the spiritual laws.

And like most hidden truths, the definition of morality is actually quite simple.

So simple, in fact, that a 5-year-old child can easily understand it.

To be moral, one need only follow two principles:

  1. The Non-aggression Principle: Don't harm others, by stealing their life, rights or property. In other words, don't murder, assault, rape, coerce, deceive, trespass, or steal their physical property. In short, don't conduct any violence.
  2. The Self-Defense Principle: Defend yourself -- by any means necessary, up to and including deadly force -- from those who would conduct violence against you.

To be truly moral, one must harmonize with both principles, and not just one of them.

Nobody is perfect, of course, however, when we largely align with moral behaviors, we come very close to be completely moral ourselves.

The Real Reason Why Humanity Is Enslaved

Let's bring all of this occult knowledge together to fully understand the current human condition.

I write "condition" and not "human nature," because it is not in our nature to be either mostly good, or mostly evil.

We can become either.

However, it is absolutely true that humanity as a whole is largely an immoral species today.

Principally through the police and military, we wrongfully murder and assault others, when we had no right to do so.

Through many professions and institutions, including medicine, pharmaceuticals, news & the media, and law, we willfully deceive others from the truth, and also coerce them to act in ways that they do not want to.

All complete violations of natural law, and our inherent rights.

Through deceptive business practices, we steal others' money and resources from them.

And even when we do not actually perform these harmful behaviors ourselves, we condone violence and evil, by not standing up and speaking out against them.

We do not defend ourselves, nor confront the evil-doers, and thus we are complicit.

This is also immorality.

The Solution: How To Be Free

The path to freedom is clear and extant.

It stands before us at all times and places.

It does not require any religion or belief, except perhaps the one true religion: truth.

It is simple, but not easy.

It is as follows:

Step One: Care enough about Freedom to take the necessary action.

It takes courage and willpower to act in harmony with natural law, especially in a world which seeks to deny its very existence!

Care is the generative principle of creation.

Nothing manifests unless those who can create it care enough about the outcome to do so.

If you find yourself largely apathetic to the plight of others, or of humanity as a whole, then you should start here.

Step Two: Stop lying to yourself.

You cannot continue with the charade of pretending that you already know how it all works.

Nor can you continue to lie about the current state of reality on our planet.

Or pretend that it's not as bad as it actually is.

You have to be honest with yourself.

You have to admit that something is wrong, and that new knowledge is required to unlock a solution.

Step Three: Become an "initiate" into occult knowledge.

"Initiation" is not some dark hazing ritual performed within secret societies or fraternities.

It simply means "to start."

It means committing to learning more abou the hidden science of reality.

Much of which I have either hinted at, or openly explained in this blog post.

Step Four: Act!

You must take action, specifically to bring your own behaviors in harmony with the laws of the universe.

And then help others to do the same.

Just as I have been, and currently am doing through this article and through all of the content that I create and share online.

When Will We Be Free?

From my own study into the occult, I have come to learn about certain mathematical truths.

One of those truths is the principle of 51.

It is the notion that when 51% or more of humanity act or behave in harmony with certain principles, then we can manifest a reality based on those principles.

As such, the answer to the question:

When will humanity be free?


When more than half of humanity knows, understands and behaves in harmony with Natural Law.

The True Meaning of Sacrifice

The Law of Sacrifice is poorly understood, like most occult knowledge.

Simply put, if we, as a species, wish to become free, then we will have to sacrifice something of lesser value in order to do so.

We will have to sacrifice security, which is really an illusion.

We will have to sacrifice all of our incorrect or illusory religious beliefs.

Including the belief in authority and government.

We will also have to sacrifice comfort, at least in the short term.

In the long term, once true freedom begins to manifest, we will be in a position to generate any reality that we collectively desire.

One that is likely beyond even our wildest imagination right now.

And one in which we may find ourselves enjoying many pleasures and comforts.

Or we may even take pleasure in what we now fear:

Insecurity, "danger," the unknown.

I certainly would.

I prefer to live in a world where I must face any danger, so that I can be free.

Rather than in a world where I am supposedly "safe," under the protection of others.

I've personally made many big sacrifices in my own life in order to do my part in this Great Work.

I've given up money, job security, and high-paying work that could have afforded me many physical comforts.

I've lost many "friends."

Although I wrap it in quotes, because the mere act of them distancing themselves from me due to my stance on these topics indicates that they weren't really my friends after all.

Believe me, there are a lot of things I'd much rather be doing with my time, than spending it teaching principles of natural law.

But knowing what I know, I feel compelled to do so.

This is part of my own personal sacrifice.

You'll need to figure out what exactly your sacrifice looks like, and then have the courage to make it.

When you do, and when you act rightly, you'll see that the universe has your back.

You'll obtain what you need to be successful, and to move forward in life.

The Path Forward

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To help you on your journey, I've created a private initiative called

It is a collection of resources that I've compiled, through videos and articles like this one, to help you on this path.

Shared through the website above, and 13+ other social media platforms, including this one.

This is not a business.

Nor is it a secret society, or even a membership site.

It is not a religion, and no belief is required.

It is simply my contribution to "The One Great Work" of awakening humanity to its true potential, by de-occulting deeply hidden principles of science and spirituality.

I encourage you to dive in and review the content I've shared.

From there, the path forward will be revealed to you...

... IF and when you're ready.

So, let me ask you:

Do you truly desire to live in a free world?


Greetings @freedomvibeart

Very interesting post, does true freedom exist within or within self?
Those that embrace freedom are bold to reach through their fear and pain into what they truly desire.

Could we call this an act of purpose?

If we zoom out many of these prisons exist within our own hearts and minds, the bricks and blocks of this cities we've created, now (including blockchain), these illusions exist within our own creation.

Thanks for sharing more #freedom