Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

You should then send all the rewards you made on this post to @null.

... that's why they killed him...

Or did they?


teabagging ahhhhhuntitled.gif

Nice disclaimer at the bottom. Thanks for the idea.

This post still has $75 in rewards left; AFTER the DV! And yet you are complaining. Amazing!

That's because it got more up-votes after the down-votes.

I'm not complaining about a few of my posts getting attacked this way; I'm pointing to the giant issue that is a few people systematically driving away content creators and communities by attacking their posts, over and over and over.

The lie that this is all about adjusting over-rewarded posts is obvious, to anyone looking at trending.

Ohhh. Right! That’s a self-vote :)

I have remedy for that too. Thank you for pointing that out.

You can present any excuses that you want. Your outrageous behavior, including veiled threats at people, is well recorded on the chain.

You are the problem with Hive. You're just BernieSanders 2.0 - at least he was funny and had a basic understanding of how the world works :-/