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RE: Unsafe and Ineffective

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Arrest all pro-vaxxers & throw them in jail for attempted murder!
Plus i wanna go a step further considering that vaccinated people are
a risk for clean,healthy,natural & organic people...not vice versa!
They infect themselves because they are brainwashed (like i was back in the days from the education of parents & government schools).
I want a vaccine free plane to fly, a vaccine free supermarket, a vaccine free EVERYTHING 😜
I got sick from Flu vaccines last time around 2007 (and those were not MRNA experiments..worse-not a vaccine). These were still the "old vaccines", and also these vaccines were just created to weaken the immune system.
Right now they are trying to rewrite your DNA, which would be the end of humanity as we know it & the way to Transhumanism.
Y'all wanna become a Robot!?
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Great comment brother Luca <3
Peace and love from BC!

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Greetings Canada! We stay💪