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RE: MODERNA Vaccine Wreaks Havoc on Lytton BC and Local Doctor Blows Whistle! (BANNED ON YOUTUBE!)

Thanks for sharing this.

My brother was talking to his doctor a few days ago and he asked her if she had taken the covid vaccine. She told him no and that she had some concerns. My brother who is really good at reading people could tell she wanted to talk about it so he pressed her for more info. She told him that most of her patients lately had been related to vaccine side effects and that the two people she had seen before him had vaccine side effects.

She also told him she was worried about having her medical license pulled if she spoke out about what was going on. So many people are just going along with this out of fear. It's pretty sad.


I don't blame doctors for not speaking out about this, well, actually I do. I wish they'd all stand up against the state, but they're paid by the state nowadays, so it's an uphill battle.