#deepdives would have been an appropriate tag for this post, because it sure is one.

I don't think most people really understand the sea change that has occurred. A lot of folks seem intent on using the Goolag platform, and I've seen people carefully self censoring their speech, as if being tricksy will solve the problem of being a tasty little fish in a pool of hungry sharks.

I don't post on such platforms, don't have accounts on them, and make every effort not to watch content posted on them. I see above you have, although I see you have also undertaken to use other platforms.

We may have no choice soon, but to only use censored platforms, unless Epstein's information is acted on. Sadly, Goolag, Twatter, and Beta (formerly Fakebook) may already have more power than the USG. A sitting US President has been banned on Twatter, while China banned Twatter about that same time. Maybe Xi preferred to prevent the rise of power opposing his, as he saw was clearly possible.


I use most platforms from time to time, in order to keep up with them, but obviously Google etc. are heavily into censorship, so I avoid them in general where possible. The main thing keeping me using Youtube is that it is so huge, but it's very clear to me just from looking at my subscription list that most of the content I value is no longer on there. I used to watch a variety of topics when I viewed the subs page, but now I struggle to find anything to watch and it is mostly only music nowadays!

I have put a lot of time and effort into literally building alternatives to these networks, but the reality is that without a solid team and the associated resources needed to keep a team happy, such efforts are limited in their ability to expand and be sustained. I look forward to seeing how the SPK network tackles the issues at hand!

duckduckgo for the win . . . . .


For some thing Yandex is best, for others Qwant, but Searx remains the most customizable. Yahoo, Bing, and a few others also seem to avail results Goolag won't.

I've yet to find an alternative search that is as effective as the aspects of Google that actually do work as I want them to... but yeah, Duck Duck Go is a reasonable alternative atm.

I did a webpage called google is evil 15 years ago, but things did not go well for any of my websites once my entire domain was removed from all google searches...

Sure, yes, they basically blacklist you as a thinker as best they can. i spent a lot of time years ago looking for ways around all this stuff - but it relies on alternative DNS servers and of course good ways to replace the web discovery offered by Google.

Cool article bro!

I once thought that the name of its browser google chrome is because they want you to literally "google" Adhrenocrome. xD

Well who knows!

What are your thoughts on the brave browser?


I don't know why the name 'chromium' was chosen, but I doubt it has anything to do with Adrenochrome. I've used Brave a bit, it seems a bit buggy to me and I'm not sure if I'll be able to move over to it.. It has some design decisions that make it a bit of a pain for me to use. If it truly doesn't connect to Google as often as Firefox or even Chromium does, then it's a good choice for privacy though.

Yeah brave it still needs some work done.

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It's all evil. Tom MacDonald has a top 10 video on the devil tube and they censor his video.

Sure, if you go direct to his video, it's ok, but if you click the trending list, magically, that video is censored from trending. It skips whatever number his video is at.. when it was 8, you would skip from 7 to 9. Now it's 11, you can see 10 and 12, but the magical math problem 10+1 is conveniently missing!