Be Empowered - September 30th - Denver, CO - Full Day of Freedom!

WeAreChangeColorado and our partners cordially invite you to BE EMPOWERED!

Be Empowered is Saturday, September 30th, from Noon to 8pm, at the beautiful Plant Magic Cafe in uptown Denver.

Be Empowered: A full day of knowledge-sharing, movement, ceremony, and connecting with an amazing community. Bringing together presenters & performers from all walks of life, offering teachings & lessons from countless traditions, the goal of this event is quite simple, for each participant to Be Empowered.

Be Empowered is focused on a holistic, solutions-oriented approach to life, with respect for individual sovereignty, Mother Earth, and all life. From philosophy to diet, from activism to arts, from movement to technology... How is the way we each live supporting our own health & well-being, and that of the human race and Earth as a whole?

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