Jones Plantation Screening, LIVE with Larken Rose! October 21st @ Independence Institute

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Happy Friday Freedom Lovers!

WRCC had an amazing weekend of music, connection, education, and EMPOWERMENT!
Starting with our Monthly Open Mic Night, which ended up looking like a one-day music festival….

And then continuing on into Saturday and BE EMPOWERED, an 8-hour conference we held at the Plant Magic Cafe in Denver. Featuring workshops, presentations, hours of live music, and much more, it was a great day!

For a full breakdown, including pictures & videos, check out the coverage from Liberty Uncensored:

Be Empowered Always, Pt 1

Be Empowered Always, Pt 2

Next on the Calendar…


You can control a man with brute violence but you can never truly OWN a man until he's convinced that your word is law, and obedience is a virtue.

That's why WeAreChangeColorado & Liberty on the Rocks are teaming up to bring in long time liberty activist Larken Rose, who wrote and produced the film "The Jones Plantation."

Here is the event link:

This event will be 10$ to cover the cost of the movie and Larken Rose's travel costs.

We will be meeting at the Independence Institute.

Doors open at 1, movie starts at 2.

Drinks and food will be provided.

Anyone is welcome to bring their own food, or food to share.

Directions: When facing the front of the building, you will want to go into the side door on the left side of the building, in the alleyway. As we have to keep the door closed for security, you will need to knock, ring the bell or you can message our telegram group and someone will come open the door for you.

You can join the LOTR Telegram here:

What is The Jones Plantation?

Brand-New Feature Film written by Larken Rose & Lee Gaulman, directed by Andrew Taglia

Movie Description: In a time of great hardship, an enslaved people yearn for freedom. Their desperate pleas seem to be answered when a charismatic stranger arrives, promising liberation. But behind his honeyed words and grand vision lurks a sinister agenda. Piece by piece, he spins an elaborate fiction, twisting their hopes into shackles to bind them.

Caught in his intricate web, they fail to see the truth staring them in the face. The few who dare speak out are silenced through coercion and violence. Step by step, the sinister plan takes shape as the people are complicit in their own continued oppression. They cheer their captor and turn on the ones who urge them to open their eyes.

As the ruse reaches its climax, the ultimate price must be paid. Will the truth finally spark the rebellion so long suppressed or will the people remain imprisoned in their own minds? This harrowing tale explores the tangled roots of exploitation and control through one man's nefarious quest to maintain power through elaborate deception. But even the best cons must eventually come to light...

Remember, YOU ARE WeAreChangeColorado

One of the main functions of WRCC is to operate as a networking hub, a community connector, an idea incubator, a resource-sharer, and an all-around support system for people on the Front Range who are dedicated to making the world a more peaceful, free, and loving place.

If you have a cause that’s important to you, an upcoming event you think everyone needs to know about, some wonderful tools for escaping the Matrix, or are simply looking to connect with other people who follow their hearts and don’t trust or cooperate with eugenicist psychopaths, WeAreChangeColorado is here for you.

Every event on that calendar is there because someone in the community chose to step up and make them happen. Maybe the next big event is going to be thanks to you…

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