Hi guys! Please introduce yourself. ;)

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This is a community for introducing yourselves and get to know each other. Please feel free to introduce yourself and start the great journey of STEEM(it).

Well, then I guess I'll start shortly with my own.

I joined steemit back in 2018 February right when the bear had just caught up. Obviously, I have a lot of wounds left by the bears. Those claws were more than deep enough to leave some serious damages in my balance sheet, but I also had great moments in my life across 2018~2019 to reach equilibrium.

In 2018, I've got married to my beloved wife. (I remember powering up steem on my wedding day. lol)
In 2019, my wife and I became parents to our first son. (I remember powering up steem on his 0 birthday.)

So, yeah. Life didn't turn out too bad, huh? And, did you realize how much I think about steem there? I believe steem is the one of the most under valued blockchain in the whole world today. This blockchain with SMTs and Communities feature from upcoming upgrade has sooooo much potential. Plus, it is one of the very few blockchains out there that lets you earn crypto through human labor(simple posting) which I consider a huge deal. Others require expensive mining equipments, require investment of your fiat initially to earn more crypto(pure POS ones), wallet addresses like "awewoiauefh34i9ifheaw0f0iwiha0300iiwef****" nonsense or "12 letter fix", blah blah etc, etc.. 😂Anyway, I have too much to talk about if I really start the comparison between Steem and other blockchain. I must say Steem blockchain has the greatest potential to get adopted by the mass. You'll be amazed as you study deeply along steem.

Now, we're headed to almost 2020 and I'm looking forward to seeing great stuffs. In terms of Crypto market, I don't know when it'll turn around from this bear market but I do believe 2020 is a strong suspect. Other than that I really miss myself missing the recent SteemFest4 in Bangkok. Although I've watched the entire recordings, I wish to join the next round.

All right guys, I guess this is it. Maybe I didn't get to talk about myself that much after all but the stage has always been yours to talk about... ;) By the way, I'm Korean; I speak native Korean but I spent my teenage in California so I speak pretty good English. Then, I spent a half decade in Italy so that makes me understand a little bit of Italian, too. ;)

Okay, see you guys around then. Peace!



Wow, cool that you know three languages! I always feel so dumb only knowing one. I guess I should try and change that? Congrats on your marriage and your baby! PS--Love this photo! You, the dog and the artwork are all looking great together :)

Thank you for the big compliment! ;)
Yeah, learning new things or languages are always fun although sometimes they may get pain in the butt.. but you should definitely try! it's worth it.

Well I'm Josediccus I joined steem in September 2017 but I only really became that active in 2018 really. I think it's wonderful that I'm learning quite Much about you, and that's the first picture I've seen of you lol haha.
Just like you I also do believe Steem has got potentials and it's just Time we need.

yup, just gotta be patient! besides, you might want to check out the link from the posting. I just edited the post and put up a link to access to this community. (https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-111069)

Goodness me! I didn't even know I just had to check out the link just now, I've been too caught up with things lately I'll explore the community options soon it's so cool

that's never a problem. besides, the public access to beta communities has just been opened yesterday. so give it a try. I personally like it.

California dreaming 💙 ♬♬

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It is never too late to say, Welcome!

I never introduced myself either. It seems like fun. Maybe I will try later.

I speak some French and Korean, but usually I speak English.

Korea is a good place to live.

wow, how unusual to find someone speaking Korean apart from Koreans! Cool!
I definitely expect to hearing from you soon then!

I lived here over 10 years, but I stopped studying it around 5 years ago. Now I just know slang and things necessary for work and family life, etc.

that's really great. i hope you can make use of what you've learned during the stay!

Haha, I need to speak every day except when I hid at home and ignore media.

Do you love NASA? Oh, cute dog.

I just love the jacket.
Thank you. She even cuter if you get to see her in real life. ;)

Hi there! Dunno if I'll do an introduction post in this category, I already did one years ago. I am, however, going to stick around here and try and upvote as many people as I can.

Figured that would be a good thing to do...

Cool, please stay tuned! ;)

Hi, it's never too late for anything! And yes, Steemit is a great place for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world! :)

True! 👍

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Hi @jaydih!

Congrats on the wedding and the baby!

I just signed up here at Steemit a few days. Am still getting a feel of the site. I don't understand a lot of the terms; hope to eventually become more familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

P.S. Love your dog. :)

Thank you.
Cool! Welcome on board steemit!
I'm sure you'll get the hang of it if you stick around for a few more days. Steemit should be the easiest blockchain dAPP. ;)

Glad to hear that Steemit's the easiest blockchain to figure out. :)

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