IBT Survival Island - Regular Update

In these regular updates we will bring fresh content to Hive in the form of our game coding experiences; IBT is a developing PC game - the one to have future Crypto interactions.

Fluent Animations nearly complete


In a lot of games when choosing different weapons or tools they sometime mysteriously disappear and are replaced without any character movement. So with IBT we are doing our best to make as many animations as possible giving the character a little bit more realism.


Just not happy about the cave

The cave has been a real pain in the a$$.


From being too bright or the "outside daytime mist" making everything have a blue haze to it, water too unrealistic, just makes it look terrible. This upcoming week we will remove it and build the cave as one big mesh after some sound advice from another game developer. We may remove building inside caves but what do you think? Leave it or building inside caves would be pretty cool?

And that is it for this update, life goes on and so does the coding..

Our Discord channel invite is open to any cryptonian here: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T
So jump in and drop us a line.

Cheers and enjoy our upgoats below, thanks to a @ryivhnn



Building inside caves would be better, I think. Shelters would make less sense, but campfires, floors, chests and furniture would work nicely in a cave.

Good points - some more thought required. Cheers