IBT Survival Island - Regular Update

In these regular updates we will bring fresh content to Hive in the form of our game coding experiences; IBT is a developing PC game - the one to have future Crypto interactions.

So much work, so much work....but we can do this! it can be done!!

New Menu Functions


It has been a while since we have looked at some of the menu features in the game and after some feedback we are making a few changes. Looking back over the notes, some early tester's said they were not aware that the Escape key is a way of exiting menus so now a lot of the menus have a secondary way of resuming the game after a save or graphic change. Yay! for multi-use Escape key..

New meshes added


Performance was our biggest issue for IBT and we wanted it to be able to run on affordable pre-built machines and laptops that have reasonable graphic cards/ video cards. Due to this we tried to use certain meshes for many different purposes. Unfortunately by doing this it can make a game look plain but at least it will run well and use minimum processing. With a bit of fiddling around we have managed to use some low poly reeds and removed the previous modified "stretched grass" giving the game a little more eye candy. As you can see in the before and after image above you can now tell there is water at that location.

A lot more happier with the caves


UE4 has a weird way of making things dimly lit in an unlit interior while it is daylight outside. The light seems to leak into places making it quite bright instead of dark. After countless hours of working on this we seem to have worked a way round it. As usual there is a chain reaction when playing with lighting so another issue has arisen from this (daylight is now impacted),eck..sometimes can't win; but we are happy to fix that rather than playing around with the cave system again. To avoid any of this we could have had the cave system on a completely different map with no lighting but it is really annoying playing a game that needs to load in and out all the time..so yeah we don't want that.


Finally we have been having some trouble packaging again (must be able to make the whole thing easy to download and install). We are aiming to get this licked and demo out before.....So thinking maybe just two more of these updates and should be there for getting the Demo out to the hive group, getting some critical feedback for improvement.

That's it for this update as per usual our Discord channel invite is open to any cryptonian here: https://discord.gg/Gr3kH9T ; So jump in and drop us a line.

Cheers and enjoy our upgoats below, thanks to a @ryivhnn


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