IBT Survival Island - Regular Update

In these weekly updates we will bring fresh content to Hive, in the form of our game coding experiences; IBT is a developing PC game - the one to have future Crypto interactions.

This week has been amazing


Rushing in as much as we can this week has been really productive. Completing a lot of the environment for the IBT original tutorial has actually been a lot of fun! With new textures and meshes it has come together really well. So soon you will be able to rejesture, rejisturre... ummm and fight for your people and life!

Time to Enrol! (Enroll is US spelling!)

view (1).gif

Once you get to the outer castle gate this is the final part of the tutorial. When you reach the 2nd gate with the enrol sign near it, you open the gate and walk through it then character screen loads. When it finishes loading it is identical to what you see through the 2nd gate, a dock with ships waiting to sail. (Or have they sailed already? hmmn some critical decisions to make haha).

Building an environment

Here we have a number of steps on constructing the environment from this week. You literally start with nothing and develop it using pure imagination.

Creating terrain, adding mounds and then painting it.


Adding meshes, wind movement, footstep sounds for different objects.


Fog settings, smoke, ambient sounds and small trivial details. (Final product)


That is, it for this update - lots of exciting stuff for classic/traditional IBT; having mastered most of the tricky stuff now it should roar along and next weeks update should be even more trippy stuff.

If your keen to get in on one of our demo's for testing then drop me a line and I'll send you a link for a Discord channel we setup some time ago; where you can get links, ask questions and interact with like minded others if so keen to do so.

Cheers and enjoy our upgoats below, thanks to a @ryivhnn



Looks like a good project.