Happy 4th Hive Forkday to our community

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Today marks the fourth year since Hive's pivotal Forkday, a day when we affirmed our commitment to evolving in a truly decentralized and censorship-proof environment.

The term "Forkday" might trigger your curiosity; it's certainly a distinctive choice over "Birthday". To shed light on this, let's look back briefly to our transformative period. Four years ago, our community decisively departed from the original blockchain. By forking steem, which means leaving the old blockchain which has become centralized and censored to its sad fate, we have affirmed our unity and desire to live in a different world.

Reflecting on our journey, it's remarkable to observe that we have established a robust community-driven foundation. This collective effort led to the vibrant Hive ecosystem we celebrate today.

A quick look at the past year

So much has happened this year. It's hard to summarize it without making a loooong post. Some major events come to mind:

The Core Dev team once again took on impressive challenges by considerably improving the operation and performance of the node APIs, real pillars of the proper functioning of the blockchain.

Many new projects have emerged and others have already been announced. Our community members have participated in numerous conferences and each time we have received enthusiastic interest.

We have seen the adoption of HBD as a “real life” payment method emerge in several local communities and this expansion continues.

We have once again survived a long and depressing bear market. This demonstrates to what extent the concept of community is something important and a solid glue for our ecosystem.

The many new projects that emerged this year or were presented at HiveFest in Mexico testify to the vivacity of our community and its developers.

Visions for the Future

As we commemorate the 4th anniversary of Hive Forkday, my enthusiasm for being an integral part of this community is profound, and I look forward with confidence to the next progress and achievements of our ecosystem.

As I already wrote last year, a key goal is enhancing user onboarding to attract and retain new members. We need to simplify the process and provide a welcoming environment to grow our community.

We also need to improve developer onboarding and encourage more developers to join the Hive ecosystem to bring their ideas to life. To achieve this, a strategic marketing effort is required. We must leverage a combination of social media outreach, community engagement, and partnerships to showcase the innovation and decentralization at Hive's core.

Some may find our development slow compared to other blockchains or shitcoins that rely on hype for their notoriety, but looking back on the past four years, when I see how persistent Hive is, I am confident in its future.

Let's keep these goals in mind so we can celebrate the next Forkday with the same enthusiasm.

A last word

I'd like to seize this moment to express my deepest gratitude to each of you.

Your passion and dedication have been instrumental in our journey. It's the collective support from everyone that guarantees Hive's future will shine as brightly as its past.

Being a member of this community is an honor, and I am looking forward to the achievements we are set to realize together in the years ahead.

Happy 4th Hive Forkday!

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Back then some may have doubted that the community could keep things going, but we proved them wrong. Your efforts are much appreciated.

I agree that onboarding and marketing are vital. We need to grow and widen the userbase so that there is something for everyone.

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you @steevc.

It's true, our community has shown incredible resilience and determination over the years. We've proven that we can overcome challenges and keep growing. BTW, your support and active participation are a big part of that success.

Cheers to many more years of success!

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Happy ForkDay Dear Arcange. Gracias por ser parte fundamental de toda esta nueva realidad. 🥰♦️🚀

Gracias @zullyscott. ¡Feliz Forkday!

So it means that Hive began to stand on its own on this day, four years ago

Happy ForkDay and hopefully we will always be successful in making new breakthroughs in the future

Happy Hive Forkday @gunting

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Happy ForkdayWednesday Morning Flowers GIF by Babybluecat


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Happy Hive Forkday @ryosai

Great to be able to celebrate one more year in this great world and of course congratulations for all the work you do day after day.

I still remember those crazy days, and what a ride it has been so far! Thank you for all the hard work and awesome apps! !BEER

Yeah, it's been epic times. Thank you for your kind word and support @pardinus

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Hive is my favorite blockchain project and it is also the only Web 3 place where I like to be and spend my free time. Very nice this post of yours, Hive has shown great strength in these 4 years although its value has not had the positive swings that other projects have had but I still see potential in Hive.
I agree that Hive needs to attract especially developers and in my opinion on this point it would be important to implement smart contracts but I have seen that there is some project working on this point.
Hive needs more developers like you, your applications are important to Hive!
Happy forkday!
@tipu curate

Thank you for your kind words @libertycrypto27.
I agree with you. Implementing smart contracts could open up new avenues for developers and could (finally) be a game changer for Hive.
Happy Forkday!

I didn't realize about the date! Thanks for remembering it! It's important to celebrate such a date, because it speaks about the most important value in Hive: Community!

Keep doing such great work as you always do!

Thank you for your kind words and support @ylich! Happy Forkday!

A thousand times yes to more marketing and onboarding efforts! We've the resources and people—just need to keep working at aligning the willpower and coordination. It's happening, maybe slowly, but I do see it happening. Hopefully a frothier market can add some juice to the endeavour :)

I agree with you! The key to growth is not only in creating a robust platform but also in effectively communicating its value to potential users and developers.
There's a huge room for improvement!

It's interesting to see how Hive has evolved over the past few years and it can only get better.

Although I didn't get to know the platform in its Steemit days, I believe that Hive is the best Web 3 social protocol. I could spend all day going over all the points to make sure that this is, in fact, true. This is a thank you to all the developers who keep this going, as witnesses. Thank you Hive community.

Thank you @wlffreitas. I appreciate your recognition of the work our developers and witnesses put in to maintain and improve this platform.

Happy 4th Hive Forkday @arcange friend and thanks a lot for being here with us!!!


Thank you @jlinaresp. Happy Forkday!

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Happy Fourth Fork Day ! 😁

Thank you for all your hard work - it's noticed and appreciated !

Thank you @alonicus. Happy Forkday!

Congratulations 🎉

It was known and since then I am also working on it and it has been two years since I have been working regularly and here is an effort to continue working on this platform in the same way to hear that.

great i am feeling proud to be part of the this great community since its birth,,, happy fork day

Great to hear you feel happy being on Hive. Happy Forkday @yousafharoonkhan!

Interesting word Forkday. Well I've been #hive for 2 years. I am one of the few Colombians in this blockchain. Many successes and congratulations to all.

Happy fork day

Happy anniversary to us.
I'm a proud hiver 🚀

Gracias arcángel por ser parte de Hive y por todo el apoyo que nos das. Que grandioso es Hive en la vida de cada uno de nosotros.
¡¡¡ Que viva Hive!!! Y siga creciendo en la Blockchain y también sus finanzas y las de todos... Saludos y bendiciones. Que sigas cosechando éxitos y logros... ❤️🤗 Feliz Aniversario...❤️

Gracias @enmaoro. Un abrazo 🤗

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This is a great success to your Community and I congratulate all of you. Your good project and good initiative by helping hive users can bring joy, happiness and hope to all people here in the Platform.

A happy Birthday to your Community My friend.


Good going :)

Hello my Steem friend!!! Are you going to Hive Fest in Croatia this year??

Hey, long time no see...
Yes, i will probably attend HiveFest in Croatia. Hopefully we can meet again.