My new contributions to the Hive Condenser and Wallet apps.

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I have been involved (voluntarily) with the development of the Condenser & Wallet apps (that are powering and for quite a while now. There are other great frontends to Hive out there such as and but I have always been more or less faithful with the Condenser.

This is a regular report on my new contributions.

Some of the new work below might still be in test and not yet deployed.

Display a message when community search does not return any result

@inertia raised this issue where searching for a non-existing community would not refresh the current list of communities which is not an ideal experience as tit is more useful to display a message that tells the user that the searched keywords does not have any matching results.

Community search

Merge request:

Fix the search functionality

Recently, the search on this blog was broken. The page just kept displaying a spinning loading indicator but results were never displayed. Several users have raised the issue as it is an important feature. I've had a look and fixed it and took the opportunity to also add the ability to sort results by newest, popularity or relevance. Later on, I will add more advanced search such as search of posts from a specific user and tag.

Search for content

Merge request:

Vote for my witness
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On Hive, Witnesses are playing the important role of providing a performant and safe network for all of us. You have the power to choose 30 trusty witnesses to package transactions and sign the blocks that will go in the Hive blockchain. Vote for me via HiveSigner to support my work for the community.


Great work, noticed the search issue as well a while ago.

I wonder, is there an info anywhere on how to start making changes to condenser? There's some basic info in the repo README, but something more about the workflow and so on? If I want to make changes, then should I fork the repo and then create a PR from the forked repo? How is testing done and so one?

Sorry if this information has already been provided somewhere, but I could not find it. Thanks!

There is no documentation on how to make change for the condenser as far as I know. The repo is on:

You don't need to fork, just clone the repo, create a feature branch, commit and push your changes and create a merge request to the develop branch. For running the condenser locally, just run yarn to install all the NPM packages and then run yarn start. Once the merge request to develop has been approved, your changes will be deployed to where you can get others to test them.

The Condenser is based on an old version of React / Typescript.

Okay, so the ability to create branches on the repo itself is open to users? Cool! Thanks, I will take look then. I see React v15... Ouch :D

I’m not sure about permissions on the repo. Check with @blocktrades

I'm sure you can make remote branches, of course, but not sure if you can make local ones automatically, probably not. In any event, if you sign up there, I can set you up as a dev for the project.

Thanks! Will get back to this topic at some point (sooner or later).

Hey can you PLEASE Offer the LEO hive engine token as an option on ??? Please ? @leofinance would be haooy to supply the liquidity... but hey why not just work directly together and decentralize blocktrades and allow people to add to the pool ? Use @avral s we can help also to create hive media tokens or whatever lol

Decentralize blocktrades website by offering a bring your own liquidity like uniswap but make it all hive engine based

We need to start using PETH and PBTC on EOS on so we can just use pegs and allow for on chain settlements and non centralized system like blocktrades has ti use now ....imagine when you dont have to run blocktrades... when the hive hbd internal market works with BTCP or PBTC better yet..... and ya know we can just let hive users hold a special @dan custodial PBTC pegged as hive swap.PBTC by @privex @someguy123

Now we can get a peg of bitcoin by burning hive or btc like github provablethings

Now imagine when we pay people hive if they prove they burned bitcoin or ethereum

Ethereum users would buy hivepower if it means helping burn eth..wait i have this wrong one second....

Ok let me start over imagine your @dan and you have block ones 500,000 bitcoin and you can pay people btc to cause costly transactions and so you incentivize the use of your cheaper pbtc peg on eos backed by bitcoin

Burn these tokens to redeeem BTC IN the eos and telos smart contract btc.ptokens on

We need hive stake based comitee like viz for the authorities to make these changes to the hive gitlab

If you want to contribute to here is the repo as well, react.js + typescript 😉

Honestly, condenser is looking much better week by week. I love the design and simplicity, and if Peakd didn't have so many good features I would prefer using condenser.

Hats off, you fully deserve my witness vote (for more than a year now I think).

Thanks for the feedback.
I personally use the condenser more often because of the simplistic design. But I’m slowly adding more features to it.

Thank you for fixing search! It's hard to get by without it.

Great work Respected @quochuy, We are really blessed by your contribution to #HIVE. Thanks for everything.




Cool interesting :))

meh, i don't like paypall

Thank you for your contribution to Hive, you already have my vote.