Strategizer Proposal Update: We Listened To Your Feedback & Are Simplifying The Proposal!

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Hello again to everyone on Hive!

We would like to inform everyone that having listened to your feedback, we have adjusted our proposal to simplify it and to remove some of the aspects that were causing some people to feel unclear as to how those aspects might work out. Before I get to that though, I would like to thank everyone who has already voted for the Strategizer proposal for Market Research !

We are currently 21% towards being funded by the DHF, we appreciate the support - every vote counts! We are particularly glad to see support from so many of the key Hive dApp/service operators, including founders of, @ecency, @peakd, @dlux-io, @engrave, @keychain, among several others. We are still waiting on feedback from some of the other dApp teams and look forward to attending the next town hall to discuss our plans with members of Inleo and others.

If you haven't already done so, please check out our proposal and consider dropping us a vote - we are more than happy to answer your questions too.

Changes To Our Original Proposal

When the original proposal was drafted, the idea was to present the community with a variety of tasks that we can undertake that will serve the whole of Hive, plus individual dApps in ways that provide actionable intelligence and that help them to grow faster. These tasks were always intended to be flexible and not set in stone and since we have your feedback, we are removing a couple of the most questioned ones.

The tasks that are being removed were only intended to be a small % of the total workload, but we appreciate that without providing precise details of how this would work, people were unclear. The proposal was already larger than most people felt comfortable reading - so rather than add even more text, it's probably best that we reduce the scale and increase the clarity!

In addition to the parts that have been removed, we have also clarified the priorities of the remaining tasks, so that the community can know the order that tasks will be completed in.

The reduction in tasks also reduces the total cost of this proposal by around $3,500.

We may create a new proposal to reflect this new pricing. However, since the proposal 'starts' on Monday 26th February and it may take longer to receive sufficient votes for funding, we may leave this existing proposal live and naturally receive less anyway as a result of it being live without funding.

Either way, we will ensure any surplus is returned to the DHF at the end.

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is still key in today's world for the growth of projects. However, some issues were raised in the feedback on this topic:

  • Some dApp teams already have funding for marketing that may be intended to go towards SEO. We don't have full information on which projects fit into this category, but due to the number of projects involved and the challenge in even collecting accurate feedback on this, we feel this is sufficient motivation to drop SEO from our proposal. If dApp operators specifically want that kind of help then we can discuss that outside of this proposal.

  • Splitting our time between the various dApps would be challenging: Although it is definitely possible to provide general advice to all sites, after analyzing them - it is also true that each site is unique and will require significant time to really help out with SEO, that might be better spent elsewhere at this early stage.

2. DHF Optimization

We also considered that analysis of strategies that can improve the efficiency of DHF spending/voting would be a great help to the community, not just to help project to be more confident when requesting funding, but also to assure the community that funds are not being wasted. However, several people have commented that this is not for them. Numerous other funded projects have not commented at all, so it's unclear whether they are for or against this, but since they have not supported our proposal their silence is taken as a thumbs down at this point!

Optimizing the DHF through feedback tracking is something that can be managed by another proposal at a later date if that's something that the community wants.

3. Collaboration With Other Blockchains

This is an area that is clearly very important, but which also overlaps with activities being managed by other people already to some extent. We have decided to eliminate this and as with the other removed tasks, we can circle back to this at a later date if needed.

Stay Tuned

That's all for now folks, as always we'll be here to answer any questions. Look out for other blogs coming soon here to inspire fresh thoughts on the topic of gathering intel to help Hive grow.. We hope to see your vote in support of optimizing Hive's market intelligence soon! :)

To our mutual success!
The Strategizer Team