Sad empty face.

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Hello, Beautiful community!

Sofia´s here.

. ✧. . ✦. ✧. ✦⋆ ⋆. ✧. ✩✩. ✧. . ✦. ⋆✦ ✩ ✧. ✦⋆ ⋆.✦. ✧ ✦⋆ ⋆. ✧. ✩⋆. ✦.. ✧. . ✦. ✧. ✦⋆ ⋆.

Yesterday was a good and normal day; I didn´t wake up early but I rested so I had a proactive day but, still felt like I wasn´t doing enough, or I wasn´t really achieving anything. So, at the end of the day, very late in night, I drawed this and today I finished it:


I think you can know guess the reason of this painting´s name.


I´ve heard it said, that a sketchbook is the diary of an artist... that when an artist is in pain, paint. What do you think about it? Do you agree?


Lack of confidence.
Low self-esteem.

I see that and more but, what do you see?


And now, justly now, I wrote something as sad as the paint. Enjoy!

"I want to be the light that encourages all while being as well the sadness that infects inevitably all. I want to be the elephant in the room. I want to make impact.

I want to not be afraid of myself anymore. To be brave enough to dive in the shadows of my subconsciousnes and face my monsters. "Face my scars and give them a kiss", the mirror says.

If the paint brush, the paint, and the paper are the way out, so they´ll be. If the music is the way out, so it´ll be. If the goodbye is the cure, so it´ll be. The art, the music and the forgiveness will always be more than therapy. That is what I needed to hear.

Let go".

. ✧. . ✦. ✧. ✦⋆ ⋆. ✧. ✩✩. ✧. . ✦. ⋆✦ ✩ ✧. ✦⋆ ⋆.✦. ✧ ✦⋆ ⋆. ✧. ✩⋆. ✦.. ✧. . ✦. ✧. ✦⋆ ⋆.

This painting is made of watercolor wax crayons, with a size of 14,2cm x 21,3cm.
I hope you have enjoyed both the art and the something-that-I-wrote!
These are the places where you can follow my art:

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See ya soon!