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Dear @spectrumecons

Is that you in that little rocket? :) hahahah

May I ask you a question? Wouldn't you consider breaking your publications into smaller pieces? It just right now - even if someone would read entire post (which may not be easy since it's 4000 words long) - it may still be difficult to drop a comment. Simply because I'm not even sure what to focus on.

That's just my little thought. Hope you don't mind me sharing it. Anyway solid read, upvoted already. Just like @elbrava said - it's time to digest it.

If you have read any of my posts or watched any of my videos, you will know that most of my content is about economics.

I actually wanted to ask you if you could spare few minutes and visit my latest post related to modern monetary theory. I figured that you may have some knowledge in that particular topic and perhaps you would like to share it with me.

Yours, Piotr


Yeah, that's me in the rocket. This is a very long post. I felt I needed to keep all this content in one place. Most of my posts are around 2,000 words which is still fairly long but it is difficult to break some topics up.

I don't know that much about MMT but with the knowledge I have I don't believe it to be a good thing. Increasing money supply dilutes the wealth of anyone holding it. Therefore, you would be better off not holding that currency. Maybe buying assets such as land or property. Maybe hold an alternative currency that you use to trade, i.e. a cryptocurrency. These are just my initial thoughts. I would need to learn a little more about the ideas the MMT advocates are pushing to provide a more constructive answer.

Thank you for your prompt reply @spectrumecons

I've noticed that you're trying to promote your own community with topics related to to economy. Would you mind sharing with me , what's your current experience with beta HIVEs?

Perhaps we could find ways to collaborate (I'm managing @project.hope and we're sharing many similar interests).

Yours, Piotr