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RE: How to CLaim LARYNX - Step by Step Tutorial

in SPK Network8 months ago

Finally, I was able to claim and see it


It is definitely better to use the posting key to claim it , I would like the same in Keychain, but unfortunately, it asks for the active key. Can't we change that ? I mean use the posting key to see the balance in ? Unless one wants to transfer, why do we need the active key ?

Thank you so much for the detailed guide - it was worth waiting late to see this.


I've got zero so far. Says I can claim thousands, but how?

Update: Now I have it!

It takes few minutes, some kind of delayed replay may be.

How long did it take to receive yours? I followed the steps above and my balance says 0. Although I had quite a bit of HIVE on the snapshot date.

It took a few minutes and the amount has come and gone since then. I hope they can resolve such issues soon as it affects confidence.

What is the Total Claims, is it 1 or 3?

That's something weird, not sure why it shows 3, it should ideally be 1.

And after that, what?

Unless you plan to run a node, selling in market would be next.

Eight... Eight Thousand LARYNX? Sigh. #ImPoor