SPK Network Funding Proposal

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Note: For additional details on any of the below, please refer to the SPK Network Light Paper.

Note: The SPK Network is completely open-source, and no tokens will be given to the team working on it. All SPK token distribution will be done by the SPK Network protocol, which rewards peers in the Network for providing social media content infrastructure services, and via LARYNX miner token delegations.

Support this proposal: Peakd - Ecency - HiveSigner -
Hive.Blog / https://wallet.hive.blog/proposals


What the System Aims to Achieve for DPoS Graphene Technology:

  • Wrapping technology helps to make DPoS the natural go-to side chain for high-fee protocols such as ETH and BTC.
  • BTC, ETH, HIVE, SPK, BROCA, LARYNX, DLUX, and tips are all tied to the same Hive / off-chain account (more chains will be added over time).
  • Off-chain storage for reducing content/info storage bloat from Hive layer I.
  • Censorship-resistant data with the ability to delete your own off-chain content.
  • Incentivised Peer to Peer content infrastructure provision system including Content Delivery, Encoding, and Storage.
  • Distributed, incentivized, on-chain NFT & image storage on IPFS
  • User self-hosting of NFTs & other social media content.
  • Own your digital assets outright.
  • An open-source community content governance system using community-driven content policies and content portals. Each community regulates its own content.
  • Compatible foundation for smart contract Layer VSC social media tokens, paving the way for smart contracts and decentralized community tokens on Hive.
  • Permanent Service Infrastructure DeFi Pools (SIPs) which back communities with fees generated from their own DeFi pools and grow forever.
  • Payments for digital services and products into an autonomous DeFi pool protocol.
  • Major sink for HIVE & HBD with payments for LARYNX Miner Tokens being locked into the SIP DeFi pool permanently
  • Ability for DPos Chains to cap their governance tokens and sustain from SIP DeFi Fees instead of inflation.
  • Liquid off-chain gas/bandwidth token (BROCA), which gives the option for an alternative to the Hive Resource Credits system if required.
  • BROCA Gas token incentivizes peers to provide improved content infrastructure services such as CDN, Encoding, and long-term storage
  • Highly deflationary, SPK Governance token with long-term, diminishing inflation until final inflation level is reached.
  • SPK token Bond system where long-term power-ups are rewarded with additional inflation, rewards, and additional governance rights.
  • SPK decentralized proposal fund with stake-weighted voting and competitive price bidding for proposals.
  • Meme-backed NFT Mining of rare, collectible content creator-issued NFTs.
  • Open-source ceramic off-chain accounts will allow for the following account features:
    • Uploading off-chain
    • Commenting off-chain
    • Adjusting account settings / Syncing account data across multiple devices and frontends
    • Attaching multiple blockchain accounts to the main account

3Speak Team Involvement

The 3Speak team has developed the following applications which will run on top of Hive and the SPK Network:

  • 3Speak Web Application.
  • 3Speak Desktop Application.
  • 3Speak Mobile App Links: Android - iOS
  • Distributed IPFS storage.
  • First-time Hive has the ability to self-host content and guarantees upload of and ability to watch a video on Hive / IPFS ecosystem even if the 3Speak web application is not available.

Working with DLuX

The Team behind DLUX has been working layer two as long as anybody on Hive. They are the first team dedicated to open source, decentralized solutions for token architectures, Pioneering autonomous multi-authority control of HIVE funds to eliminate central control and single-point failures. Their goals of application distribution align very nicely with our goals of video distribution creating a mutual synergy.


Engineers to execute the scope:

Scope of Milestones

Service Infrastrucure Nodes

  • Validator nodes.
  • CDN Nodes (ongoing development).
  • Storage Nodes (ongoing development).
  • Local Encoding Nodes + optimization of node cluster operations (ongoing development).
  • Ceramic Union Indexer - for combining off-chain and onchain content feeds (ongoing development).
  • SPK Network chain nodes (ongoing development).

Content Delivery Network:

  • P2P routing table for optimal server location
  • Geo-ip redirection to the nearest server
  • DHT Caching
  • Live pay-per-view
    • By client
    • By content original
    • Live via HIVE/Lightning network payments
  • Live HLS → MP4 reformatting
  • Hub coordinator system
    • Health management
      • Client side reports
      • Server side reports
      • Optimal request routing lookup
    • Managed redirection endpoint
    • High throughput low latency caching
    • Verification of request via seed/token

Wrapping of Bitcoin onto HIVE:

  • Creation of SPV; Chain relay contract
  • Token contract
    • Mint function → Validated by SPV contract
    • Redeem function → Locked, unlocked by SPV contract or slashed
    • Transfer
    • Token functions
      • HTLC
      • Smart addresses
      • Everything else supported by the VSC standard token contract
  • Wrapping providers
    • Node Package
    • Collateralization logic
      • Forced liquidation
      • Redeem prove or slash
      • Other logic for the management of safe collateral
  • Pre-reserve deposit collateral
  • Smart deposit addresses
    • Auto deposit wBTC to HIVE wallet (without needing a HIVE account)
  • Price oracle
    • Voted in oracle list
    • Verified price history oracle (TBD)
  • Incentives via
    • Wrapping / unwrapping fees
    • Other TX fees
    • TBD

Acela Core

  • Video content manager
  • Background re-encode for further size reduction
  • Instant uploads - Display original source then background encode
  • Storage manager
    • Garbage collection / Size reductions
      • Clear/encode source
      • Optimal storage options based on view count & estimated future views
        • Slower/cheaper storage → Low activity videos
        • Faster storage → High-activity videos
    • Multi-storage type support
      • Modular interface for managing mass storage of SPK / 3Speak videos
      • Migration process & monitoring
      • Integrations with SPK network storage system
    • Health checks
      • Maintain index of content CIDs → Videos → Associated storage locations & health reports
      • Alert admins if needed

Cluster rewarding for Proof of Access Storage Providers:

  • Migration to custom code for handling pinning/unpinning
  • Rewarding:
    • Migrate to POA for partial verification of storage
  • Build out tools to easily manage cluster-rewarding node
    • Analytics for storage data selection (views, rewards, reputation, etc)

IPFS Storage System Development

Ongoing development of IPFS storage system and integration with Hive & SPK Network.

Offchain Account Management

The goal is to streamline the sign-up process and allow for further Hive scaling by posting content off-chain.

  • Ceramic accounts integration.
  • Sign up & sign in with MetaMask.
  • Binding different blockchain accounts (SOL, ETH, POLY, BSC, BTC, HIVE) to your offchain ceramic account.
  • Union Indexer - Offchain indexer that combines off-chain and on-chian content into the same content feeds
  • Union Indexer provides the ability for platforms and users to customize their feeds easily
  • Commenting & posting using off-chain indexing system.
  • Research ability for users and platforms to publish customizable trending feed modules

SPK & Union indexer

  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Migrate to standard process for database deployments
  • ENS domain support & indexing
  • Bug fixes, various improvements & feature suggestions from the community & partners

Breakaway Communities / SPK Hubs

The goal is to build stand-alone digital communities / Network States.

  • Integrate Ecency points system.
  • Token drops using Ecency points system.
  • Anti-bot detection system.
  • Multiple governance systems (DPoS, PoS, PoW, Fractal).
  • PoB2 - long-term rewards of proof of brain mechanism.
  • System to track which accounts are hosting content and creating other types of value for the community and assign accolades such as community NFTs as status/rankings within the community.


During the development process, 3speak.tv will be refactored from the ground up to support the SPK Network.

Desktop App ongoing development


  • Refactor codebase to support Mac & Linux properly
  • Update UI to match 3Speak 2.0 :

UX (ongoing updates)

IPFS/backend Side:

  • Automatically download videos from content creators you follow.

Video Uploading

  • Add .MP3 capability to support podcasts
  • Integrate podcasting 2.0 functionality
  • Upload process refactor to support Acela Core / Union indexer metadata formats


Honeycomb Social community Token System + SPK Network Tokenomics

  • Proof of Access & SPK Network Test Net
  • Larynx miner purchase mechanism.
  • Broca incentive token release.
  • Develop Broca functionality (paying for storage, CDN, encoding, and other infrastructure)
  • Stake-weighted voting system for setting Network variables.
  • SPK DAO.
  • Mining Rewards distribution system.
  • Integrate Token system into Desktop App.
  • SPK Network Bond System.
  • The longer and more you Power Up, the higher your interest rate is. Additionally, the longer the Power-up is locked in, the more influential the governance vote becomes, rewarding long-term holders with proportionally more influence the longer they Power Up.
  • A voting system where voters can see what infrastructure each node operator is running and vote them into a top validator node consensus position with SPK tokens.

Mining Mechanisms

  • Interfacing/integrating Honeycomb with SPK Network mining mechanisms.
  • Storage (Proof of Access) Mining system.
  • CDN rewarding.
  • Encoder Node rewarding.
  • Validator Node rewarding.

Proof of Access System

  • Continued bug fixing and improvements
  • Research improved algorithm for PoA/proof-of-storage hybrid - prevent possible manipulation and gather more metrics from storage nodes

Video encoder

  • Rewarding
    • Donate encoder rewards
    • Comment rewards
    • Direct payments
  • Instant uploads
    • Background encode
  • Better handling of multi-cluster support
  • Discord Bot
    • Research and improve discord bot to provide operators with a good interface to interact with the encoding software


  • NFT marketplace and bidding platform.
  • NFT Storage on IPFS.
  • NFT Mining by Staking Creator Tokens.
  • NFT Memes System.

Service Infrastructure Pool (SIP)

  • Staking for liquidity provision (DeFi).
  • Payments into SIP for LARYNX tokens.
  • Payments out to Project Funding Pool.
  • Payments out to Support Infrastructure in times of low system payouts.
  • Community Liquidity Pools & DeFi.

SPK Network Proposal System

  • Task Setting System.
  • Funding mechanism from SPK DAO.
  • Bidding System.
  • Voting System.


(This is research only and not execution of building of code)

  • Acela Core - View tracking 2.0
    • Privacy-preserving view tracking
      • 30 days expiration period
      • PKI fully private view signatures using ZK-proofs/other cryptographic methods
    • Federated view data exchange between entities
      • Fully private 100% of the time
      • Decentralized allowing multiple entities to contribute view data
      • Ideally verifiable by 3rd parties

API System

To include video uploading and delivery initially but ultimately to allow any platform to easily integrate any web3 tool that is available on the SPK Network. (See technical overview for further details).

Muting and Blocklists/content policy system

As described in Light Paper & technical overview.

Content Gateways Portals

As described in Light Paper & technical overview.


Cost of Servers/experimental infrastructure. Funding will be used accordingly to operate development and testnet infrastructure.


390.09 HBD per day for 243 days = 94,791.87 HBD.

Insurance Guarantee of Funds

The funds will be sent to the account @spkproposal and distributed to cover the costs for execution of the above scope from there. The SPK Network Proposal will have two trusted Hive Community members as the trustees to the funds received by the proposal. @starkerz & @theycallmedan both will take on responsibility for these funds and will ensure they are distributed to the SPK Network developers and will provide their guarantee that they will reimburse this proposal in the event of any funds lost.

Final notes:

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions about this proposal or its attached documents, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to respond.

About the SPK Network:

SPK Network is a decentralized, censorship-resistant social media protocol and incentivization layer for Web 3. It allows video platforms and content creators to interact with the decentralized social graph while rewarding infrastructure providers with SPK governance and BROCA gas tokens.

Support this proposal:



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I had to go and reread about Graphene DPOS - I end up learning something new every time I read a proposal from the SPK/3Speak team.


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