SPK Network Team Meeting #23

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This is the recording of our last meeting. Each Thursday at 9:00 AM Pacific time, we invite you to join us at these public meetings. The live meetings occur on the 3Speak Discord Server.

Updates by @sagarkothari88 on the Mobile App

Updates by @juneroy1 on the 3Speak.tv Refactor

Updates by @igormuba on the Break-Away Communities

Updates by @adesojisouljay on the Point System

Updates by @adesojisouljay on the Hive Onboarding

Proof of Access Testnet by @nathansenn and @disregardfiat

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SPK Network Funding Proposal 2023

About the SPK Network:

The SPK Network is a decentralized Web 3.0 protocol that rewards value creators and infrastructure providers appropriately and autonomously by distributing reward tokens so that every user, creator, and platform can earn rewards on a level playing field.



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You people are doing a wonderful job.