Orchids with Butterflies

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Lets add more LIFE to our photos

Simple photos are never be the same again, im having fun doing something new to my photos by adding life to it, and seeing it is enjoyable and cool.

This one, the shot of the orchids found in my last travel taken a month ago, im with this house and by walking around to find something interesting i saw the pink orchids, its quiet simple and ordinary.

So im putting some butterflies and some lens prism flare and a sound of tweeting birds that fly around to make it complete. Im doing it for a series recreating remaking my photos before, today and tomorrow, follow me and be updated.

The Orchids

"base original photo"

I call it Hybrid Photography in my own definition, mixing photo with animation moving picture cinemagraphs with or with out audio, in different photography genre, it brings more life to an image with the help of our modern editing apps existing today, improving the creativity and the only limit is our imagination.

Stay Tuned

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