Pillar Racing - B-Roll MV Vlog #4

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My friend buy a brand new bike because of the public transportation is not yet available during this pandemic, you can rent but the price is high, it cost you almost half of your salary per day, so he decide to buy a new bike for himself as service to his Job next town without a hassle, a one time buy for longterm use and aside from that it can be a way for him to exercise his body for building strong immune system.

With his brand new bike, i made a simple short B-roll sequence for him, taken in front of apartment in where he leave, not planed just on the spot where he part his bike, i shot using just a mobile phone for my MV Vlog that stands for Mobile Videography Vlog now in number #4, hope of planning to make a team in the future mobilevideography productions soon.


Stay Tuned

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